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Ethics Related Policies

Note the purpose of this page is to provide a convenient list of Mississippi State University Policies and Procedures related to ethics, honor, and integrity. Other relevant policies may be found at the University’s policy webpage located at


Whistleblower Policy 01.07

Use of Information Technology Resources 01.12

Political Activities 01.14

University-Provided Wireless Phones and Plans 01.15

Misuse of University Assets 01.19

Nepotism 10.05

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 10.06

Honor Code Council Procedure

Faculty Responsibilities in Instruction 13.03

Attendance at Classes: Teaching Faculty 13.04

Ethics in Public Contracting, Anti-Kickback & Procurement 65.03

Conflict of Interest in Federally Sponsored Programs 70.09

Ethics in Research and Other Scholarly Activities 80.02

Employee Conduct, Guidelines for HRM 60-401

Outside Employment HRM 60-415

Ethics, Conflict of Interest/ HRM 60-416

Code of Student Conduct 91.100

Copyright Act as Related to Musical Performances, (1976) 91.203





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