Campus Calendar Events Guidelines

The following guidelines ensure fairness and equal representation in listing events on the campus calendar.

1. Events submitted to the calendar should be those that are public or would appeal to a broad section of the campus population.

2. Events submitted to the calendar must be sponsored by a campus-affiliated organization, and must have valid contact information.

3. Because of space restrictions, regular meetings of student organizations are not eligible to be placed on the university calendar. Student organizations may place one interest meeting for each fall or spring term on the calendar. Other events such as speakers, banquets, concerts, conferences, charity, or fund-raising opportunities, etc. may be placed on the calendar at the institution's discretion.

4. Front-page placement of events cannot be guaranteed. Priority will be given to university-sponsored events, department or campus unit sponsored events, Student Association, CAB, Music Makers, Athletics, department based student organizations (examples include: The Society for Professional Engineers, Pi Alpha Alpha, or MSU Forestry Club), Greek organizations, and all other campus organizations and events in that order.

5. Events that occur over multiple days may be given lower priority after the first day.

6. Events that occur multiple times may at the discretion of the institution have subsequent occurrences removed or be given a lower priority.

7. Drives to collect items such as canned food or school supplies should not be submitted to the University Calendar. Please submit an announcement request instead for these types of events.

8. Events submitted to the calendar must be in agreement with the institution's non-discrimination policy located at

9. Mississippi State University promotes the free and open exchange of ideas; however, the institution reserves the right to remove any event from the calendar as it deems necessary.

10. Appeals may be made via email to the Director of University Relations.

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