A. (University) Academic Advising Center

The University Academic Advising Center (UAAC), created January 1993, meets the needs of a growing segment of our undergraduate community, the undecided or undeclared (UND) and the special non-degree (SND) students. It also coordinates academic advising activities for faculty and staff advisors interested in heightening their skills and increasing their knowledge. UAAC, housed in the north end of the Lloyd Ricks Annex, strives to provide intrusive or developmental academic advising services not offered by other units at MSU. The unit reports directly to the Office of the Provost and works in conjunction with the Deans' offices in the academic colleges to facilitate transfer when the student declares a major. This unit strives to develop programs, initiate advising support, and make use of all related University services in the most efficient, cost effective method through efforts of a coordinator and direction of UAAC advisory board made up of faculty and professional advisors.

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B. Alumni Association

More than 118 years ago, 17 of the 29 members of Mississippi A&M's first three graduating classes came back to campus to form what is now the Mississippi State University Alumni Association. It established as its purpose perpetuating the memories of college life in a manner that serves to bind together the classes of different years and to strengthen the good influence that the University exerts through its graduates. As it was well over a century ago, the mission of the Alumni Association today is to generate support for Mississippi State University through the development and implementation of programs, activities, and events for its alumni and friends. The Alumni Association is located in the Butler-Williams Alumni House on campus.

The Association operates on an annual budget of about $1.2 million, about 75 percent of which is self- generated. Annually, the Association has an active membership of around 25,000. The Association supports 69 in-state and 20 out-of-state alumni chapters, eight college/school alumni societies, and four special interest alumni societies. In addition to a 48-member National Board of Directors, there are six statewide committees. This totals more than 400 volunteer workers on all levels and provides for wide participation of former students and friends in the promotion of their alma mater each year.

Some of the services rendered by the Association annually in the promotion of the University are the maintenance and continuous updating of the permanent records of all alumni; the mailing of more than 500,000 pieces of mail including the Mississippi State Alumnus magazine and Mississippi State Connection, a publication for young alumni, to keep alumni and friends informed about the University; the planning and organizing of numerous alumni meetings and special events on campus and off; support of various fund-raising programs for the University, including the Annual Giving Program; support of the University's requests from the Mississippi Legislature; an active student recruiting campaign for the University; support of excellence in teaching, research, and service areas through the annual Faculty Recognition Program; and support of Staff Appreciation Day.

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C. Analytical Support and Food Safety Laboratory

The laboratory is located in the Wise Center. It provides specialized chemical analysis for faculty, staff, and outside agencies with research projects of interest to the university. The laboratory provides customers with analyses performed according to Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) to comply with regulations of federal agencies. The primary analyses performed are high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas-liquid chromatography (GC), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AA), and UV-visible spectroscopy. (Contact: 325-1406 or 325-1205).

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D. Animal Health Center

The Animal Health Center is the veterinary medical teaching hospital in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The hospital is staffed by specialists in the fields of Community Practice and Avian/Exotic Medicine, Small Animal Surgery, Small Animal Internal Medicine, Equine Surgery and Medicine, Food Animal Surgery and Medicine, Pharmacy, Radiology, and Anesthesiology.

Faculty, staff, and students may enroll their personally-owned companion animals in the hospital program designed to provide routine primary care at modest cost savings. Referral and specialty services are also available at fair market rates.

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E. Bookstore

The Bookstore is located in the Colvard Union. Its primary function is to provide textbooks and related supplies to students, faculty and staff. The Bookstore sells new and used books at prices standard in most university bookstore operations. It also purchases used books at standard prices. A faculty member may receive a desk copy which is initially charged to the department. This charge can be reversed by providing the Bookstore with an unmarked publisher's copy within 60 days.

Requests for books, text changes, and supplies are made through the appropriate department head or textbook coordinator. Forms for this purpose are available in the office of the department head or the Bookstore.

Personal computers, peripherals, and supplies can be purchased at substantial savings at The PC Place located in Colvard Union Bookstore.

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>F. Career Services Center

Job search assistance and career counseling are provided for Mississippi State University students and alumni through the Career Services Center, located in Suite 316 of the Colvard Student Union. Providing individual career and job counseling, furnishing career information, making employment referrals, arranging for employers to interview on campus, and organizing career outreach programs are services included in the scope of Career Services.

Professional career counselors assist students in choosing academic majors and careers relevant to their interests and abilities. Individual employment counseling is available for graduating students seeking full-time jobs. The Student Job Service provides assistance to students seeking part-time and summer jobs. Career counseling and employment services for alumni are provided through the Alumni Career Service.

Seminars on various topics (resume writing, interviewing, career planning) are offered throughout the year. For students who are unsure of their career and/or educational plans, a three-hour course, Career Planning (COE 1233), is taught each fall and spring semester.

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G. Center for Alcohol and Drug Education

See Chapter VII. Substance Abuse (by Students)

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H. Child Care

Aiken Village Preschool, located in Aiken Village and operated by the MSU Housing Department, serves children ages 3 to 5 years in a unique setting that encourages learning by doing. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. until 5:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, contact Aiken Village Preschool at 325-3909, Aiken Village Building #20, Starkville, MS 39759.

The Center for the Study of Young Children, an experimental child study laboratory for the School of Life Sciences, is housed in two adjacent buildings in the center of the MSU campus. The Infant-Toddler Center, located at 23 President's Circle, serves children who are six weeks through two years of age. The Child Development Center, located at 19 President's Circle, serves children who are three and four years old. Developmentally appropriate learning activities are planned daily for children. During fall, spring and summer semesters university students are actively involved with young children at the Center. The Center operates according to the twelve month university calendar and is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30. p.m. For further information, contact the School of Life Sciences at 325-2950.

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I. The Computing Center

The Computing Center consists of two divisions:

Information System and User Support

Information Systems and User Support provides for the development, implementation, maintenance and support of computer systems and software for administrative and academic units of the University. This includes systems analysis, systems design, systems integration and programming for Student Information Systems, Student Support Systems, Financial Systems and Human Resources Systems. Information Systems and User Support is also responsible for university-wide database administration, as well as user services functions such as software site license administration, computing consulting, short course offerings, monitoring of student labs in Butler Hall and McCain Engineering and the Help Desk.

The central office for Information Systems and User Support is located in 117 Allen Hall.

Systems and Networks

Systems and Networks is a campus-wide service organization within the Division of Business Affairs. It is responsible for planning, deployment, maintenance support and operation of the University's computing, networking and information technology infrastructure. This includes the campus fiber optic backbone, departmental and building networks, wide area network connections including the Internet, the University's compressed interactive video network, and large scale compute, server and information resources. Additionally, Systems and Networks provides support as required for departmental workstations, servers and computer systems.

Systems and Networks also supports general purpose computing labs located in Butler Hall, McCain Hall and Mitchell Memorial Library. These labs, which are available to all students and faculty, provide PC and Macintosh workstations and a wide array of applications including Internet access.

The division is organized into five functional areas - UNIX Systems, LAN Systems, Video Systems, Hardware Support and Operations. Normal business hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday. The main office is located in 117 Allen Hall. Two main phone numbers are available. 325-0728 can be used to reach the Director and general staff offices. 325-0741 can be used to request service or report a problem.

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J. Conference Center

Housing and Residence Life offers affordable housing for small conferences or short-term classes all year round. Herbert Hall is located within walking distance of all central buildings with convenient free parking and a security access system. Rooms are equipped with refrigerators, phones and linens. Lounge areas include microwaves, cable TVs, washers and dryers, irons and ironing boards. First floor rooms and rest rooms are wheelchair accessible. A large conference room with audiovisual equipment is available upon request. For further information, contact Housing and Residence Life at 325-3555.

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K. Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers a variety of services to the MSU community. Services are available for full- time students, prospective students, part-time students, and spouses of students. This service is also provided to University faculty members and staff, as available.

The Counseling Center staff is comprised of competent professionals with extensive training in counseling and is experienced in assisting others to assist themselves. The Counseling Center staff respects the ability of each individual to make self-relying choices, facilitating development in the process.

Counseling may be helpful in dealing with personal and social problems and study difficulties. Occasionally, students seeking extensive psychotherapy are seen at the Center or, when appropriate, referred to other qualified on-campus or community agencies. All sessions with counselors are strictly confidential and no information will be released without the student's written consent.

The Counseling Center is located in Room 201, YMCA Building. It is open from 8-5, Monday through Friday. Appointments may be made in person or by calling 325-2091.

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L. Dining Services

University Dining Services provides a variety of food choices, dining environments, and prices. The MSU Cafeteria and The State Fountain, featuring MSU ice cream products and fresh baked goods, is located in Perry Hall. The Food Court (Taco Bell, Wendy's, Subway, and The Great Wall) is located in the Colvard Union. The Pegasus Dining Room offers breakfast and lunch at the Wise Center. Gooch's featuring Stone Willy's Pizza is located next to The Laundry. "Food for Thought" Snack Shop, located in the Library, offers cappuccino/expresso.

Dining Services offers a full line of catering services ranging from coffee for two to elegant dinners for large parties. Catering may be arranged by calling 325-2965.

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M. Golf Course

Approximately three miles east of the campus on Highway 82 is the Mississippi State University Golf Course. Faculty members may pay annual fees to obtain reduced rates. Dues and green fees are paid at the golf course pro shop. Golf carts are available.

The 18-hole, par-72 course was designed by golf architect Brian Ault and constructed by the university's Campus Landscape Department. The course doubles as a learning laboratory for students in the Professional Golf Management Program, and the Sports and Turf Management Program. The PGM Program was established in 1985 and only one of four such programs sanctioned by the Professional Golfers' Association. A 5,000-square foot club house, designed as a PGA Model Facility, was completed in 1993. It houses a golf shop, snack bar and grill, a multi-purpose classroom for the PGM and Turf Grass Management programs, a locker room with showers, and an outdoor eating area.

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N. Health Center

In order to attract and keep highly qualified physicians, and allow them to maintain proficiency in their medical specialty of Family Medicine. the physicians at the Longest Student Health Center are allowed to conduct a limited private practice. There is no obstetrics, and pediatrics is limited to children over the age of one year.

In order to provide the most affordable health care services to their patients, all of the physicians participate in the Key Physician Network, North Mississippi HealthLink, and other cost containment programs. Payment is requested at the time service is rendered, however, the Health Center will file insurance claims and request that reimbursement be made directly to the patient.

Private patients are seen by appointment (except emergencies). Appointments may be scheduled through the Appointments Desk at 325-7539. Clinic hours for private patients are 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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O. Holmes Cultural Diversity Center

The Holmes Cultural Diversity Center (HCDC), formerly known as The Office of Minority Affairs, was established in 1979 to enhance campus life for African Americans at Mississippi State University. The name was changed to reflect MSU's desire to create a campus that values and embraces all cultural differences. Some of the primary goals of the HCDC are to provide support and encouragement for African American students to achieve academic excellence, to assist with their adjustments to college life, to provide culturally enlightening programs, to provide cultural diversity workshops and classroom lectures, and to make the overall college experience for students a productive and successful endeavor.

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P. (Office of) Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research assimilates, analyzes, and reports to the President, Vice Presidents, and others, external and internal information needed for orderly planning and to provide background information needed in the formulation of policy decisions. Institutional Research assists the university community through its research and consulting activities. A major component of this activity is the Evaluation Service. This service, utilizing its optical scanning equipment, scores and analyzes more than 100,000 faculty-constructed tests and processes an equal number of questionnaires and student ratings of instruction each year.

The office is a primary contact with State and Federal agencies, educational groups, other institutions of higher education, and individuals for the purpose of information and data exchanges. A major activity of the office is maintaining a responsive and productive relationship with these external entities.

The Office of Institutional Research is located in 269-A Allen Hall, telephone 325-3920.

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Q. International Services Office

The International Services Office (ISO), as a functional unit of the Division of Student Affairs, provides leadership for Mississippi State University in fulfilling its international role by providing information and assistance to students, faculty, administrators, the local community, and international visitors. The Foreign Student Adviser provides information to students, departments, international visitors, scholars, and researchers relevant to immigration policies and requirements and assists with maintenance and updating of immigration documents. The Sponsored Student Specialist assists students from other countries who are sponsored by various governments and organizations, and monitors students' progress relevant to MSU and sponsored program requirements.

In accordance with MSU policy, the ISO verifies required student health insurance coverage and immigration status prior to registration at MSU, and conducts orientation for new foreign students. The ISO is located at 15 Morgan Avenue.

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R. Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Laundry and dry cleaning services are provided for students, faculty, and staff by the Mississippi State University Laundry and Dry Cleaners, located in the Roberts Building on Lee Boulevard. Services include wash, dry and fold; wash, starch, and press; dry cleaning; alteration/repair; and linen rental. Please check with the MSU Laundry and Dry Cleaners for drop-off service.

The Laundromat, located in the One-Stop, is open 24 hours a day and is token operated. The dispenser for tokens accepts one or five dollar bills. A product dispenser is also available.

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S. (The) Learning Center (TLC)

The major purpose of The Learning Center (TLC) is to help Mississippi State University students improve their academic performance. To that end, TLC offers both credit classes and non-credit services. The services are available to all students of MSU, graduate and undergraduate.

Faculty members are the key to the success of The Learning Center. Faculty know the students and their individual needs better than anyone else. They have regular contact with students and can help student recognize their own needs. For more information, call 325-2957 or visit 267 Allen Annex.

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T. Lectern

The CAB Lectern Committee is responsible for bringing to campus nationally known speakers as well as lecturers on topics of interest to the campus community.

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U. Libraries

The Mississippi State University Library System is composed of the main library (Mitchell Memorial Library) and two branch libraries (Architecture Library and the Veterinary Medicine Library). Facilities and collections of all libraries are available to all students and faculty. The library system contains a collection of approximately 1,302,774 volumes (including micro-text), manuscripts, maps, pamphlets, and subscriptions to more than 7,574 titles (periodicals, serials and newspapers) chosen to support the educational effort of the University's program of teaching, research and service. The Library serves as a selective depository for the publications of the U.S. Government. This collection of documents has been augmented by the acquisition of selected publications of other public agencies, including the reports of state and territorial agricultural experiment stations, Mississippi State documents, the United Nations, and the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA). The Library also acquires the publications of the Atomic Energy Commission, now expanded into the United States Department of Energy.

The Libraries' DRA Online Library Automation System is accessible through the University's local area network, providing remote access campus-wide, state-wide and nationally. OPAC terminals are located throughout the main library and in the two branch libraries. Bibliographic online information retrieval services are available to students, faculty and researchers through CD-ROM databases and with the assistance of Reference Librarians/Subject Specialists who are available to assist patrons with online searching. Interlibrary Loan, a special service to faculty members and graduate students, provides access to other research libraries in the state, region and nation. Copiers are available for general use.

During the regular sessions, the libraries observe set hours, which are published through the media and posted throughout the library system. Shorter hours and partial services are maintained during vacation and holiday periods. These schedules will be announced and will be posted accordingly. Faculty members may borrow books for a period of four (4) months. A system of reserve books is operated for the benefit of faculty members who wish to place materials on reserve for class use. Reserve books usually are restricted for use in the Library and overnight use, but may be reserved for a longer period of time. A collection of previously given tests is maintained as a part of the reserve section, and faculty members are encouraged to place their old tests in these files. Faculty members may also schedule special tours and seminars for their classes.

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V. Lyceum Series

The Lyceum Series is the fine arts performing series at MSU that provides varied programs of music, drama, dance and other artistic offerings. The series is managed by the Performing Arts Committee. Each fall a brochure is mailed to all faculty and staff announcing the year's offerings. Season tickets are available at that time by mail or at the performances. Individual event tickets may be purchased at the door on the night of the performance.

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W. MAFES Meat Laboratory

As part of research in the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, MAFES Meat Laboratory, located in Room 110 Ballew Hall, offers a wide variety of meat products. The meats come from animals used for feeding trials and different research projects at MSU's South Farm. Often, the meats are used for student meat cutting demonstrations and training. The lab is open every weekday. For more information, call 325-2932 or 325-3566, or visit Ballew Hall.

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X. MAFES Sales Store

The MAFES Sales Store, located in Room 160 of Herzer Building, is the home of MSU's famous cheeses, as well as a variety of fresh dairy products and meats. The cheeses, made from MAFES-produced milk, are produced by the campus dairy manufacturing plant, which serves as a self-supporting major research pilot plant and teaching laboratory.

The store is open weekdays and most special event Saturdays. Store services include seasonal mail-orders for Easter and Christmas gift selections. For information about price lists and gift mailing, call 325-2338, or write to Box 9806, Mississippi State, MS, 39762.

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Y. Mail Service

Campus Mail provides free pickup and delivery of interdepartmental mail (excluding packages) on the campus of Mississippi State University. The unit services all authorized campus mail drops on a scheduled basis, twice daily (morning and afternoon), Monday through Friday. Deliveries are not made during University holidays. The Campus Mail Office is located in the basement of Bost, telephone 325- 3585.

The post office, property of the US Postal Service, is located on the bottom floor of the YMCA Building. The lobby of the post office remains open 24 hours a day. The window is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on Saturdays. Additional boxes are located in the basement of Lee Hall. The basement of Lee Hall is open 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily.

Post office boxes are rented on a yearly basis. There are 7204 post office boxes (5704 in the main post office and 1500 in the basement of Lee Hall). Boxes range in price from $7.25/yr. to $50/yr. There is a one dollar deposit for each key.

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Z. Mississippi State University Foundation, Inc.

The Mississippi State University Foundation, Inc., was incorporated for the purpose of promoting and supporting the mission of Mississippi State University through soliciting contributions from alumni and friends to meet the needs of the university that either cannot or are not adequately met by other sources. Donors have the privilege of restricting their gifts for specific areas if they wish. Unrestricted gifts are channeled into areas of greatest need or placed in an endowment fund from which only the income is used. All gifts are tax deductible.

Over the years the Foundation has played an increasingly significant role in providing support to improve and strengthen programs and services at the university. Every college and department has benefited, either directly or indirectly, as Foundation funds have been used to construct new buildings, make available salary supplements in strategic areas, purchase needed equipment, support lectureships and honors programs, and provide scholarships and professorships.

Along with its continuing program to secure gifts on an annual basis for current use, the Foundation actively promotes a program of deferred giving through bequests, life insurance, irrevocable trusts, etc. This program has met with excellent response and promises to be the source of some very sizable gifts.

Information about the Foundation and any of its programs and services is available upon request from MSU Foundation, Inc., P. O. Drawer 6149, Mississippi State, MS 39762, telephone number: 325-3410.

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AA. MoneyMate

MoneyMate is a free service offered to all Mississippi State University faculty, staff, and students. It is a prepaid spending account which provides a safe, easy, and convenient method of payment for goods and services on our campus. Your Bulldog Advantage Card (the University ID card) serves as not only your identification but also is the "key" to accessing your MoneyMate funds. The amount of your initial deposit and any subsequent deposits is strictly up to you. MoneyMate is accepted only on the University campus at all of these convenient locations: All University Dining Services facilities, Union Food Court, University Bookstore, University Florist, The Laundry and Drycleaners, Telecommunications, Mitchell Memorial Library, Butler Hall laser printers, and The Hair Company located in the Union. To open a MoneyMate account or direct further questions concerning MoneyMate, call the MoneyMate office at 325- 3387 or you may stop by the MoneyMate office located in room 12 Lee Hall.

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BB. Music Maker Productions

Music Maker Productions is a student committee selected to produce professional entertainment by well known performers to meet the diverse musical and entertainment wishes of the Mississippi State community. Please call 325-2743 for information regarding their activities during the upcoming year.

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>CC. Non-Traditional Students

An applicant who is twenty-one years old, or whose high school class has been graduated for a minimum of three years and who does not meet regular admissions requirements may apply to schedule courses as a special non-degree student. Contact the Advising Center for Entering Students at 325-4052.

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DD. Personal Computers: Sales

MSU Bookstore, located in the Colvard Union, offers faculty, staff, and students a source to purchase computer related products at a substantial educational discount. Manufacturer's educational discounts range from 10% - 60%. Product line includes Windows, DOS, Macintosh, and Power PC platforms. Apple Computer, Inc. offers an educational loan program for faculty, staff, and students for the purchase of any Apple product. Store hours are 7:45 - 6:00 Monday through Friday, and 10:00 - 2:00 on Saturday.

Apple Service is provided by the Computing Center Technical Services, located on 53 Magruder street. Hours are 8:00 - 5:00 Monday through Friday.

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EE. Printing Department

The MSU Printing Department, located in Auxiliary Plaza on Russell Street, provides a full line of printing services for the University. The Printing Department also offers professional quick copy service at Quick Copy Centers located in the basement of Lee Hall and Auxiliary Plaza. Coin operated copiers are located at Gooch's Deli, the Lee Hall Quick Copy Center, and Allen Hall.

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FF. Professional Development Programs

Employees are encouraged to adopt and pursue personal/professional development plans and objectives. Numerous workshops and learning resources are provided through the Department of Human Resources Management for the personal and professional development of employees. Development opportunities are planned on a semester-by-semester basis and communicated to all employees. Workshops address such topics as supervision, interviewing skills, University policies, work/family issues, technical job competencies, and wellness.

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GG. Recreational Facilities

The recreational facilities available to faculty are the Intramural Sports Center, Sawyer Tennis Courts, outdoor racquetball courts, McCarthy Gymnasium, intramural sports fields, the Blumenfeld swimming pool, fitness area, and a quarter mile jogging track. The Department of Recreational Sports provides listings of recreation facilities, intramural sports, and reservation services. The appropriate identification card is required for entry to several recreation facilities. To participate in the intramural sports program, an activity fee is required.

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HH. Space Scheduling Procedures

1. University and University-affiliated Organizations

a. University and University-affiliated organizations must contact the Facilities Use Coordinator to reserve the facilities needed. The organization will provide the following information: person in charge, time of activity, food service (if applicable), social request forms (if applicable), and custodial service (if applicable).

b. The Facilities Use Coordinator will contact the person in charge of each requested facility to determine if the facilities are available for use.

c. If the facilities are available, the Facilities Use Coordinator will assist with the completion of the coordination forms to be signed by an officer of the organization.

d. The activity then will be placed on the University activities calendar.

e. Coordination forms will be routed to the proper persons including the representative of the scheduling organization.

Note: All departments scheduling activities within their facilities should notify Facilities Use of their meetings in order that a current up-to-date record is kept on all University activities.

2. Non-University Organizations

a. Non-university organizations must contact the Facilities Use Coordinator to schedule activities on campus. The organization will be asked to send a letter to the Facilities Use Coordinator requesting use of the University facilities. The letter must include the following information: person in charge, facility requested, date of activity, length of reservation period, exact time of the activity, and food service (if applicable).

b. When the letter is received from the organization, the Facilities Use Coordinator will determine if the organization is eligible to use the University facilities. If the organization is not eligible, the Facilities Use Coordinator will send a letter informing the organization. If the organization is eligible, the Facilities Use Coordinator will contact the person in charge of each facility requested to determine if the facilities are available for use.

c. If the facilities are available, the Facilities Use Coordinator will complete the coordination forms.

d. The activity then will be placed on the University activities calendar.

e. Coordination forms will be routed to the proper persons including the representative of the scheduling organization. A copy of the completed form and an acknowledgment letter will be sent to the non- University organization.

3. Specific information concerning space scheduling procedures can be obtained from the office of Facilities Use, 325-3228.

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II. Student Media

The Reflector, the campus newspaper, appears twice weekly during the regular term. Edited and managed by students, it provides a wide range of news, features, and commentary of interest to the campus community. Its editorial offices are in the Student Media Center.

The Reveille, the annual yearbook, is published each spring by a selected student staff to provide for the participants a lasting record of life in the University. The Reveille offices are in the Student Media Center.

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JJ. Student Support Services

Established in 1982, the office of Student Support Services provides support for low income, first generation college students and to students with disabilities to facilitate participation in campus life. The program is designed to provide personal, social, and academic support to eligible students in an effort to help them remain in college. Students are offered a variety of services designed to meet their own particular academic needs. Generally, services provided are counseling, advocacy, coordinating tutoring, interpreting, attendant care services, and other services as needed to provide support toward academic success. The office of Student Support Service is located in 01 Montgomery Hall.

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KK. Telecommunications

Telecommunications manages the university's telephone system and the University Long Distance System (LDS). The organization is established as an auxiliary department under the Vice President, Business Affairs and is funded solely from operating revenues. Local telephone service (dial tone, custom dialing features, switching) is provided by South Central Bell from the Starkville Central Office. Telecommunications purchases, installs and maintains all telephone instruments.

The University Long Distance System (LDS) provides faculty, staff and on-campus students with direct access to the world-wide telephone network. The system utilizes transmission facilities which are leased from major long-distance carriers. An LDS "Charge-A-Call" number is required to use the system. The "Charge-A-Call" number may be used to place a direct dial long distance call from any unrestricted campus telephone. The call will be billed at a discounted rate to the "Charge-A-Call" number rather than the calling station number. Each "Charge-A-Call" number is associated with a university account number (department/project accounts) or a social security number (faculty/staff and student personal accounts). The Telecommunications business office is located in the basement of Lee Hall, room 10, telephone 325- 2212.

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LL. Television Center

The University Television Center is a full service television production unit. The Center provides services for field recording, studio production, post production, video graphics, video duplication, satellite uplinks and downlinks, and audio production. Since the Television Center's beginning in 1988, the unit has been active in distance learning and is recognized nationwide as a leader in the field. A transportable satellite uplink truck allows the Television Center to broadcast remote productions by satellite uplink from any location in the continental United States - a number of which have been broadcast nationally by PBS.

The Television Center also provides fixed uplink transmission for the institution from its studio at the Wise Center. Live, interactive courses and programs can be originated from this facility to any receive site in Mississippi, the nation, and beyond. The Center also provides bi-directional conferencing and teaching facilities for fiber optic and compressed video programming.

To support multimedia development and educational video production, the Center provides digital video and audio editing facilities and personnel. Non-linear editing suites for audio and video allow faculty and researchers to create video and audio programming for a wide variety of applications. Documentaries, video discs, grant presentation videos, and fund raising videos can be produced for specific applications.

The Center also provides the creative staff and technical support personnel to assist faculty including: script writing; field production on broadcast or nonbroadcast formats; program design and formatting; video editing and animation; studio production; and distance learning presentation skills and materials development.

In the area of video graphics, the Center has a full 3-D animation suite that is used to create animations for educational and promotional videos. The staff of the Center are also actively involved in supporting the electronic visualization and television production programs in the Department of Art, the School of Architecture, and the Department of Communication.

To support high quality video and audio production, an extensive music and sound effects library is available to be used on any video or audio project. These libraries include a wide variety of music from country to classical and sound effects for any application.

In support of the advancement of the university, the Television Center creates fund raising videos, recruiting videos, promotional spots, news programs, sports programs, and sports news releases for commercial news outlets.

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MM. Transportation

The Transportation Department maintains 14 vans, seven automobiles and four buses which are available for rent by departments. Transportation also maintains and operates the Campus Transit System with five twenty-three passenger buses. The department operates a daily Shuttle Service to Jackson, Mississippi, for the primary purpose of transporting students, faculty and staff along with official packages and letters to and from the Education and Research Center in Jackson. In addition, the department operates a service station servicing other departmental vehicles. The Transportation Department is located at 47 Magruder Street.

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NN. (Colvard) Union

The Colvard Student Union, named for former President Dean W. Colvard, serves as the community center of the Mississippi State campus. The Union organizes and implements many social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities and events for the MSU community throughout the year.

The Campus Activities Board and Music Maker Productions develop and coordinate a variety of programs that include films, lectures, concerts, dinner-theater productions. Madrigal dinners, art exhibits, craft fairs, skills presentations, and the like. CAB also sponsors numerous non-credit courses which draw upon the knowledge and skills of many members of the Starkville-MSU community to provide interested students, faculty, and others with instruction in subjects such as scuba diving, aerobics, country and western dancing, and photography. Programs sponsored by the Campus Activities Board and music Maker Productions are generally open to faculty, staff, and their families.

The Dawg House, the Union's gameroom, located on the ground floor, houses Starkville's only bowling lanes, as well as billiard tables, pin-ball machines, video-games, and a jukebox. The gameroom can be reserved for private and public parties and get-togethers.

The Colvard Student Union makes available to the campus community meeting and conference rooms, reception rooms, the multi-purpose Ballroom, the Small Auditorium, the Art Lounge, display space, banquet and dining rooms, and food service in the Union Food Court. The Union also houses the Career Services Center, the CAB and Music Maker offices, The Hair Company, a check cashing facility, and the MSU Bookstore.

The Union Information Desk, located on the second floor, is open daily until 10 p.m.; it furnishes information about activities and events happening in the Union and around campus. Adjacent to the Information Desk is the Ticket Office, which distributes tickets to major campus events during the year.

For further information regarding Union activities, please call the Union Director's office at 325-2513, the CAB office at 325-2930, the Union Information Desk at 325-3342, or the Gameroom at 325-3904.

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OO. University Florist

The University Florist located in the Mini Mall, offers complete floral services. This includes fresh cut flowers, foliage and blooming plants, wedding and party designs, funeral arrangements, balloons, stuffed animals, gifts, and other specialties. The shop is operated by Retail Floristry students under professional supervision as an organized training activity of the Horticulture component in the Plant and Soil Sciences Department.

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PP. (The Office of) University Relations

University Relations works to improve the likelihood of the university's success in private fund-raising, student recruitment, and government relations and to create a reservoir of good will among the numerous university constituencies, including alumni, parents of students, donors, opinion leaders, prospective students and others. While much of the University Relations effort is directed toward external audiences, aiding internal communication within the university also is an important role. Publications, media relations, and public relations efforts are conducted on behalf of the entire university. Sections within University Relations include publications, photography, news and information, and Internet services.

The publications group writes, designs, and produces publications in support of the goals outlined above. Staff members are responsible for the university's quarterly alumni magazine and semi-annual young alumni tabloid; for the faculty/staff newsletter, Memo; and for a monthly newsletter for volunteer leaders and opinion leaders, President's Report. The section also produces student recruiting materials for Student Affairs, fund-raising materials for the Development Office, and a variety of other specialized and general purpose publications. The publications staff provides design services and production assistance to the entire campus community.

University Relations staff members also maintain more than 4,000 pages of World Wide Web documents providing a wide array of information about the university and are responsible for design and maintenance of top-level university Web pages.

The Photography section provides photos to support both the publications unit and the news bureau. News photos from Mississippi State are regularly provided to Associated Press. The unit maintains a file of campus photos that faculty and staff may use in developing presentations about Mississippi State and provides a variety of photographic services to the campus on a fee basis.

The news bureau has primary responsibility for media relations, which includes identifying and promoting the achievements of faculty, staff, and students and helping position Mississippi State in the public mind as the state's leading provider of higher education and a major contributor to the state's economic, social, and intellectual progress. The staff develops news and feature stories, fact sheets, media advisories, and experts lists to keep a variety of constituencies informed of noteworthy accomplishments and activities at the university. Staff members regularly work with broadcast and print media to provide answers to questions about the university, background for stories, or resources for commentary on current events or breaking news. The news bureau also works closely with the campus radio station, WMSV, and the University Television center to provide news and public affairs programming.

For more information, contact the Office of University Relations, 102 George Hall, 325-3442.