A. Housing (OP 63.01)

There are rental housing units available to faculty and staff members. They range in size from two- bedroom apartments to four-bedroom houses. Factors taken into consideration in the assignment of housing are employee types, date of application, size of the family, new or old employees of the University and type of unit desired. Applications for assignment to university housing are directed to the Physical Plant, Faculty/Staff Housing, 325-2052.

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B. Employee Identification Cards

Employee Identification Cards are issued to faculty, staff, retirees, and affiliate employees by the Campus Card Office located in 12 Lee Hall. An ID allows employees to identify themselves for admittance to special events and provides library privileges and other special services only available to Mississippi State employees. New employees whose employment paperwork has been processed through the Department of Human Resources Management may go directly to the Campus Card Office and request an identification card. If a request for an ID is made prior to appointment papers being prepared, a letter containing the employee's name, social security number and employment category should be provided to the Campus Card Office.

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C. Intercollegiate Athletics

Mississippi State University is a member of the Southeastern Conference, which includes in its membership twelve of the leading universities of the south. Regulations regarding participation in athletics are subject to the action of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Southeastern Conference. Intercollegiate sports for men include football, basketball, baseball, cross-country, track, tennis and golf. Intercollegiate sports for women include basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, cross- country, and track. Overall supervision of intercollegiate athletics is provided by the Director of Athletics.

Campus athletic facilities include Scott Field (football stadium) with a current capacity of 41,200, and the M Club Faculty Club which seats over 400 persons, a multi-purpose coliseum which seats 9,200 for basketball, four practice football fields, a six-court tennis complex, a lighted baseball park with a capacity of 6,700, an all-weather running track, and a physical fitness complex which contains approximately half a football field covered with astro turf, a weight room, a training room, a team meeting room, and a locker room.

Faculty and staff may purchase reduced-price season tickets for football, basketball and baseball through the MSU Athletic Ticket Office, 325-2600. New faculty and staff will receive order information directly from the ticket office prior to each sport season.

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D. Length of Service Recognition

Each year faculty and staff members who complete 5 year increments of employment with the University are recognized for their length of service. At the annual Awards Day program, the President of the University presents service pins to personnel in recognition of their number of years service.

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E. Mississippi Public Records Act (OP 06.04)

All public records are public property, and any person shall have the right to inspect or obtain a copy of such records, unless exempted by this law. Examples of records exempted include personnel, worker's compensation, academic, and criminal investigation records. The request must be in writing, and a reasonable fee for copying may be charged in advance. Unless written procedures are in place that provide otherwise, public bodies have one working day to comply with written requests for public records. A fine and legal fees may be assessed against individuals refusing to comply with this law.

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F. Voluntary Organizations

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

Membership in the American Association of University Professors is open, by application, to any member of the University faculty who devotes half of his/her time to teaching or research or both. Members receive the AAUP Bulletin which is devoted to the general interests of the profession.

Major efforts of the organization are devoted to supporting freedom of teaching and research, promoting security of academic tenure, maintaining and improving professional ethics and standards, and advancing the economic welfare of the profession. There is an active local chapter.

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Individual membership in the American Association of University Women is open to all holders of the baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Mississippi State University holds college/university membership in this Association.

The Starkville branch is concerned with being an active presence in the community through its annual legislative forum held during the legislative session and through its active programming which addresses current issues relating to education, the arts, the economy, and other fields. The Association provides graduate fellowship assistance through its Education Foundation. Meetings are held monthly during the academic year. Contact the President's Office at 325-3221 for more information.

Association of Retired Faculty (ARF)

The Association of Retired Faculty began in July 1986, with 73 charter members. Membership is open to classroom teachers and/or researchers in the University who have retired, are within five years of expected retirement, or are aged sixty or older.

Chief purposes of the Association are to keep its members in touch with each other and with the University, to facilitate assistance and counsel for senior faculty both approaching and after retirement, and to make the members' accumulated capabilities available to the University at need. Meetings are held in April, July, and December, with a variety of programs and activities. Detailed information may be secured from the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Faculty and Professional Women's Association (FWA)

The major objective of the Faculty and Professional Women's Association is to address the professional interests and concerns of women at the University. The FPWA supports and encourages women in professional, academic, and administrative opportunities. Membership is open to currently employed and retired faculty and professional women.

MSU Newcomers' Club

The purpose of the MSU Newcomers' Club is to promote friendship and a wider range of acquaintances among faculty and staff women and wives of teaching, research, and staff members who have been employed by the institution and cooperating agencies for less than five years. Meetings are held once a month, August through April. Special interest groups for tennis, arts and crafts, painting, and other interests meet twice a month. For further information, contact the Union Information Desk.

Women's Club

The Mississippi State University Women's Club provides social contacts, promotes spirit of friendliness, offers cultural opportunities, and promotes student welfare. Membership is open to: wives of faculty, staff, and eligible employees of cooperating agencies; female faculty, staff, and eligible employees of cooperating agencies; wives of retired or deceased members of the faculty, staff, and eligible employees of cooperating agencies; and, retired female faculty, staff, and eligible employees of cooperating agencies. The club meets monthly during the academic year. The spouse of the MSU President serves as Special Counselor of the organization.