Landmark Buildings at Mississippi State

Perry Cafeteria

Perry Hall (University Cafeteria). 1921. Late Gothic Revew. The gothic arches and wood beams that support its gabled roof are more suggestive of a cathedral than a cafeteria. A the time it was built, the University Cafeteria was the largest college cafeteria in the United States; so big, it was also used as a dance hall. This massive structure stands 368 feet long, 90 feet wide, and the ceilings are 50 feet high. Also, the cafeteria has a seating capacity of 1100. In 1993, Jane Perry provided the university with a $1.5 million gift annuity to renovate and preserve the cafeteria. Mrs. Perry made the gift in memory of her late husband, George D. Perry, a 1919 graduate of what was then Mississippi A&M College. In recognition of Mrs. Perry's gift and George Perry's long association with his alma mater, the name of the university's cafeteria was changed to Perry Hall.