FutureSTATE 2015 details MSU's strategy for future

August 16, 2006

Mississippi State has been improving educational and economic opportunities for those we serve for more than 125 years. Few universities in the nation are as focused as this one on meeting the needs of its state. The future of the People's University, as we are proud to be known, is intertwined with that of Mississippi, and both the university and the state are poised for unprecedented progress. Our needs and challenges are great, but our opportunities and optimism are unlimited.

Four months ago we began a comprehensive strategic review designed to help us set a course for the next decade and achieve the vision I articulated at the time: to become the most respected land-grant institution in the region. We asked ourselves what we are doing--and what we should be doing--to promote academic excellence, leadership and character development, fiscal stability and resourcefulness, research and economic development, and pride in our university.

The process was open and inclusive, and no topics were off limits. Hundreds of hours of inquiry and discussion were distilled into more than 100 recommendations, backed up by reams of data and analysis. Those results form the core of the plan we call FutureSTATE 2015. It represents our ambition to reach high, dream big, and act audaciously, while remaining accessible, accountable, and responsive to our constituents. It also reflects our commitment to work together cooperatively, interdisciplinarily, and selflessly--an approach encapsulated by the motto "One STATE--One TEAM."

We want FutureSTATE 2015 to be a living, relevant document as it informs our decision making and resource allocation in the months and years ahead. With that in mind, we will review the plan at least annually and modify it as necessary to ensure that our priorities are consistent with emerging opportunities, the changing environment, and the needs of the state and nation.

A draft version of FutureSTATE 2015 is now on the Mississippi State Website at https://ssl.msstate.edu/web/futurestate/ for your review. The site includes an e-mail link that you may use to submit your comments and suggestions. Please share your ideas by September 8 so that we may finalize and move ahead with implementation of FutureSTATE 2015 during the fall semester.


Robert H. Foglesong