ME faculty get votes, get dunked for fundraiser

April 11, 2012

MSU's Mechanical Engineering Department is currently holding its Relay for Life fundraiser with "voting" buckets for several of the department's faculty and staff. If you are interested in voting(donating) for one of the people listed below, or would like to give a general donation, the appropriately named buckets are located in the main office of Carpenter Hall, Room 210.

Votes will be accepted through Thursday [April 12] at 5 p.m. General voting guidelines are that paper in the form of cash, check, etc. and pennies is a positive vote, while silver (quarters, dimes, nickels, etc.) is a negative vote. The top five positive vote recipients will be dunked in a dunking booth at the campus Relay for Life event on Friday [April 13] between 6 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. Donations will also be accepted at the dunking booth during Relay for Life.

Current standings:
1st place-Dr. Roger King (CAVS Director)
2nd place-Alta Knizley (Mechanical Engineering (ME) Ph.D. student)
3rd place-Dr. Judy Schneider (ME professor)
4th place-Dr. Oliver Myers (ME professor)
5th place-Dr. Steven Daniewicz (ME department head)
6th place-Dr. Srinivasan (ME professor)
7th place-Dr. Sarah Rajala (dean of engineering)
8th place-Zach Rowland (CAVS deputy director)
9th place-Chad Wheeley (ME researcher)
10th place-Hayley Brown (ME Ph.D. student)
11th place-Amanda Smith (ME Ph.D. student)
12th place-Dr. Walters (ME professor)

For additional ways to become involved in this year's Relay for Life event, please contact Mechanical Engineering's team captain, Kimberly Dickey, at 662-418-2846 or