President asks for mission statement review

October 17, 2006

In a university-wide e-mail, President Robert "Doc" Foglesong asked for input on two proposed revisions to the university's mission statement. His message follows:

"University policy calls for a broad-based campus review of our mission statement at least every five years or upon the appointment of a new president. I am requesting that you review the current vision and mission statements, along with the more succinct versions proposed below, and offer comments and suggestions related to both the existing documents and the suggested modifications. In my view, our vision and mission can be stated more concisely and would be communicated more effectively as a result. The current vision and mission statements, adopted in 2003, are on line at . Proposed revisions follow:


The vision of Mississippi State University is to be the most respected land-grant institution in the region.


The mission of Mississippi State University is to educate the workforce of the future, produce robust research for our state and nation, and provide services to our citizens, communities, and businesses.

Please consider these statements and provide your comments by December 1, 2006. Suggestions may be sent to or to the president's office. As a result of the review, and in consultation with representatives of the faculty, administration, staff, and students, we may recommend to the Board of Trustees a modified university mission statement. The university's policy on periodic review of the mission statement is on line at .