Parking Permit and Transit Information

August 10, 2012

You may register for your parking permit on-line beginning JULY 16, 2012 at 8 a.m., and will receive your permit by mail at the U.S Postal address you provide during registration. Commuter student permits cost $115. Residential student permits cost $125.

For detailed information and parking zones, please visit

To register for your parking permit:
1.Go to myState and log in using your NetID and NetPassword. Should you experience problems with your NetID, please contact the Help Desk at 325-0631 or visit

2. Select the Banner tab. The Parking Permit Registration page is located
under Personal Information.

3. Before purchasing your parking permit, you will be asked to update and/or verify the following items.
- Your Race and Ethnicity Information (you may be asked to complete this information if it has not been updated)
- Your Maroon Alert Emergency Contact Information
- Your Directory and Address Information

4. Continue through the Parking Permit registration. Answer all questions as it pertains to you and your vehicle.

5. "Submit" the on-line application once all your information has been provided. If the application has been filled out properly, the user will be prompted that the information has been "Submitted Successfully." If there is not a prompt that the information has been "Submitted Successfully," the user should review the information, make changes and resubmit.

6. Once the application has been submitted, you will receive a receipt number and a parking permit number. Please print and display this receipt on your dash until your official permit arrives. Once your official permit arrives, the permit must be permanently affixed to the vehicle according to the directions on the back of the permit.

Reminders about parking:
- All vehicles must have a valid parking permit displayed properly.
- Commuter students who cannot find a parking space in their zone may
park in the Coliseum lot, as that is the designated overflow lot.
- Commuters may park in any commuter zone after 3 p.m.
- Any vehicle with a valid MSU permit may park in any legal space after 5 p.m., except in spaces designated Handicap, Exclusive Service, Service Parking, or Reserved. Vehicles must be in designated parking area at 7 a.m. the following day.

Verification of all permanent handicapped
parking/disabled license tag holders must be completed in person at the Parking Services office, located in the Roberts Building. Any individual that is certified for disabled parking by the State of Mississippi, or by the state in which the disabled individual resides, should bring their state issued accessible documentation (placard and receipt) to the Parking Services office. Failure to report the necessary information may result in a citation for failure to register.

We offer designated motorcycle parking spaces that are strategically placed throughout the campus. Motorcycles will no longer be allowed to park at bicycle racks. Motorcycles may park in designated motorcycle parking areas or any valid parking space on campus and must obey all state laws. Registration of your motorcycle permits must be completed in person at the Parking Services office, located in the Roberts Building. Designated motorcycle parking areas are located on the parking map.

As we begin a new academic year, we find exciting new changes at Parking Services. For the 2012-2013 year we are pleased to offer faculty, staff, and students more parking options, extended shuttle hours, and a re-invented bike program. The new options are as follows:

Park and Ride Permit This permit is half the cost of a regular permit and will be $58.00 for the year (prorated monthly). It will allow faculty, staff and students to park their vehicles at the Scales/Recplex area, located on Stone Boulevard near the Vet School, and ride the shuttle to campus.

Evening Permit
This permit is intended for the faculty, staff and
students who come to campus in the evenings. The permit will be $8.00 for the year and will only be valid on campus after 5:00 p.m. It will allow faculty, staff, and students to park in any valid space that is not Reserved, Service, Handicap or Exclusive Service.

Sportsplex Park and Ride
This allows faculty, staff, and students the option to park at the Starkville Sportsplex located on Lynn Lane at no cost. There is no permit needed to park at the Starkville Sportsplex. Faculty, staff, and students will be allowed to ride the shuttle to campus.

This year the MSU shuttles will have newly extended hours. All shuttle routes will now run from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Bike Share Program
For those who do not drive to campus, Parking Services will be implementing a new Bike Share Program. Faculty, staff, and students will come to the Parking Services office and check out a MSU bicycle for the semester at their
convenience. The person who checks out the bicycle will be the responsible party and charges could apply if not returned and/or damaged.

Changes to Parking Areas
Due to the newly constructed residential halls Oak and Magnolia, there will be changes to the parking zones for the upcoming academic year. The changes are as follows:
- The gravel lot located on the east side of Hardy road will change to South Zone parking. There will be a new gravel lot added next to the Music Building for Commuter East Zone parking.
- A newly constructed lot behind Hathorn Hall will be extended to accommodate more South Zone parking.
- A newly constructed lot located behind Newell Grissom will be available for Commuter West Zone parking.

Parking and Shuttle maps are available at the Roberts Building or online at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Parking Services office at 662-325-3526 or 662-325-2661 or email us at