'Share' on Facebook and help Starkville Habitat

August 27, 2012

Barnes & Noble at MSU is holding a fundraiser contest for local Habitat for Humanity chapters. If the bookstore gets enough "shares" on Facebook, it will raise much-needed money for the Starkville Area Habitat. You are asked to paste this on your Facebook page and ask your friends to "share" so that the local Habitat organization will receive help. It just takes a few seconds and a few clicks.

Barnes & Noble College has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to support its "Build a Future" program. This new partnership is one of the many ways to help better the communities where we live and work. As a part of the program, Barnes & Noble College is donating $100,000 this academic year to Habitat for Humanity.

When you login to Facebook, go to www.Facebook.com/BarnesandNobleatMississippiState and share the link for Habitat for Humanity. Each share is $1 for the National Habitat for Humanity fund and if Barnes & Noble at MSU receives the most shares Starkville Habitat will receive $1,000 directly. To keep track of how we're doing, visit http://www.bnctextbookrental.com/.