MSU vs. UT Game Day Updates/Reminders

October 12, 2012

Trash and Recycling
--Please help keep the MSU campus clean and nice on game day for both our fans and visitors. Fans are encouraged to bag both their recyclable and disposable items while tailgating on Saturday.

Late Game
--The late-hour ending to this week’s game will cause egress to be slow at times as fans exit the campus after the game. The university asks for fans to have patience as local and state law enforcement agencies work to clear both campus and the Starkville area safely.

--Late night, on-campus eateries will be available after the game. The new Subway restaurant by State Fountain Bakery and the Burger King in the Roberts Building will be open until 1 a.m.

Restrooms on Game Day
--Certain restrooms on campus will open earlier this week because of the 8 p.m. kickoff.

10 a.m.
Newell-Grissom Gym
Soccer Complex
Humphrey Coliseum (Outside East)

McArthur Hall
Bost Extension Center

2 p.m.
Butler-Williams Guest House
Mitchell Memorial Library
Allen Hall
Hilbun Hall
Cullis Wade Depot
Memorial Hall

Portable restrooms, including Junction Janes/Johns, will be open 24 hours.

Fan Fair and Road Closures
--C-Spire Fan Fair will open at 5 p.m.

--Stone Blvd., Creelman St. and Barr Ave. will close at 4 p.m. on Saturday.

--B.S. Hood Drive, between Davis Wade Stadium and Barnes & Noble bookstore, is closed for ESPN’s use in televising the game.

Ticket Reselling
--To cut down on ticket resellers interrupting the fans’ game day experience, two sites on campus have been designated for ticket reselling. One is the statue on the hill near the Landscape Architecture Building. The second is on the hill on the west side of Humphrey Coliseum.

--Fans are encouraged not to buy tickets from resellers who are not in these designated areas to help heighten enjoyment of game day and lessen the possibility of blocked traffic intersections. Please help the university enforce this policy to preserve the atmosphere around Davis Wade Stadium and keep intersections clear for vehicle flow.

New Guidelines for MSU Owned/Rented Golf Carts
--The university has adopted new guidelines on how MSU owned/rented carts are monitored on gameday, please review the following procedures:
1. MSU owned and/or operated golf carts may never be used for personal use.

2. MSU owned and/or operated golf carts may only be used for official business of MSU.

3. ONLY those MSU owned and/or operated golf carts which are operated by the following departments may access all parts of campus, including closed roads:
a. Athletics, Law Enforcement, Facilities, Parking Services, President's Office, Aramark, Alumni Association, Event Services

4. MSU owned and/or operated golf carts which are operated by any other department must comply with the following guidelines:

The Department Head must submit a letter to the Special Events and Game Day Opeations Committee requesting authority to utilize the golf cart on Game Day.
a. The letter must include the name of the department, the permit number of the cart(s) in question, driver or drivers names, and the official business purpose for which the cart(s) will be used (example: transport alumni, transport recruits, transport donors, etc.).
b. Included in the letter should be an indication if the request is for a single game or for the season.
c. The letter should be sent to the Special Events and Game Day Operations Committee, c/o Amy Tuck. The Committee meets each Wednesday. It is requested that request letters be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the game in question. Requests received after that time will be addressed on a "time available" basis.

5. The Special Events and Game Day Committee will review the request and either approve or deny. If approved, the vehicle description (department and permit number) and driver's names will be added to the approved list.
a. The department head, department and the driver of any departmental golf cart being used on Game Day will be responsible for misuse or operating outside of these guidelines.
b. Golf carts that are not on the approved list shall not be used on Game Day. The department head will be responsible for correcting any activities outside of these guidelines.
c. In addition to being placed on the approved list, the Special Events and Game Day Committee will stamp "Approved" on the request letter and return the letter to the Department Head. This letter must be kept with the golf cart at all times on Game Day.
d. Any MSU owned and/or operated golf cart on the approved list must comply with the Parking and Restricted Area Rules for Privately Owned Golf Carts.
e. Any MSU owned and/or operated golf cart on the approved list must comply with the following: No driving on sidewalks or grass; No drinking or transporting of alcoholic beverage; No use of the vehicle which could create negative impressions or perceptions of MSU.