Upcoming events commemorate Darwin Week

February 5, 2013

Darwin Week is a week-long series of events that celebrate the life and work of Charles Darwin, who was born on Feb. 12, 1809. Programming for Darwin Week will be held both on and off campus and are free and open to the public. Events begin this Sunday [Feb. 10] and run through Friday [Feb. 15]. Please click here for the full schedule or see it outlined below. For more information, contact Diana Outlaw, doutlaw@biology.msstate.edu, or Amy Moe-Hoffman, apm105@msstate.edu.

Sunday [Feb. 10]
Sunday at the Bluff
2 p.m.
Plymouth Bluff Center, 2200 Old West Point Road, Columbus
Opening reception for Darwin Week and talk by Richard Brown titled "Darwin and Beyond: Evolution by Water and Fire"

Tuesday [Feb. 12]
Birthday Reception and Seminar for Darwin Day
5 p.m.
The MSU Cobb Institute, Cobb Museum
Birthday Reception for Darwin Day and talk by Walter Diehl titled "The Galapagos Islands Today: Would Darwin still have his 'Eureka' moment?" Come join us in celebrating the life and work of Charles Darwin. View Darwin's signature on display in the Cobb Museum.

Wednesday [Feb. 13]
Cafe Scientifique
6 p.m.
BIN 612, Cotton District
Panel discussion of issues surrounding the evolution of disease and the origins of lactose intolerance in humans. Discussion led by Brian Counterman and Christopher Brooks.

Thursday [Feb. 14]
Pizza Lunch and Discussion sponsored by Beta Beta Beta
Dawg House, Colvard Student Union
Students can attend a lunchtime seminar where Biology faculty will discuss the evolution of disease resistance in humans and plants.

Friday [Feb. 15]
Brown Bag Lunch sponsored by Sigma Gamma Epsilon
Hilbun Hall, Room 300
The Paleontology Curator for the Mississippi Museum of Natural Sciences will talk about the fossil history of Mississippi.