Holiday Energy Conservation Plan

November 20, 2006

The University will implement its Holiday Energy Conservation Plan beginning Tuesday, November 21 at 5 PM and continuing until the campus resumes full operation on Monday, November 27. Building temperatures will be maintained at a level of 40 degrees or higher, depending on the type of heating system and controls in place.

The Central Plant will manage the temperature for most major facilities as listed below, and will be responsible for freeze protection in the event of extreme weather.

Buildings to be managed by Physical Plant In energy conservation mode:

Allen (3rd floor), Ballew, Bowen, Briscoe, Bryan, Carpenter, CAVS, Cobb (2nd floor), Cooley, DIAL, Dorman, Etheridge, Garner, George, Hand (except labs), Harned (front only), Health Center, Herzer, Hilbun, Hill Poultry, Howell, Humphrey, Industrial Ed, Landscape Arch., Magruder (1st floor), McArthur, McCain, McCarthy, McCool, Memorial, Mitchell offices, Montgomery, Music (a,b,c), Newell Grissom, Pace, Palmeiro, Patterson, Perry, Sanderson (partial), Seal M Club, Shira, Simrall, SIMS, Swalm, Thompson, TK Martin, Walker

The following buildings' thermostats require no adjustment and should be left at the normal setting (a decrease would turn on cooling):

Allen (floors 2, 4, 5) , Bost, Clay Lyle, Cobb (basement, 1st floor), Evans, Harned, Herbert, Hull, Lee (3rd floor), Magruder (floors 2, 3), McComas, Rice

In all other buildings, please lower thermostats to minimum.