Parking changes, road closures for SB Weekend

April 15, 2013

Several campus parking lot changes and road closures will take place as Mississippi State hosts the 27th annual Super Bulldog Weekend beginning this Thursday [April 18]. To view the map, click here.

Parking changes/road closures through Sunday [April 21] include:
Tuesday [April 16]
--5:30 p.m., a portion of Lakeview Road will be blocked off for pedestrian safety during the 2013 SEC women’s Tennis Tournament

Wednesday [April 17]
--8 p.m., the parking lot behind Memorial Hall (Gameday lot No. 34)

Thursday [April 18]
--8 p.m., the parking lot north of McArthur Hall (Gameday lot No. 10)

Friday [April 19]
--4 p.m., Junction will open

--5:30 p.m., parking adjacent to Newell-Grissom Building (Gameday lot No. 5)

--5:30 p.m., parking adjacent to McCarthy Gym (Gameday handicap lot)

--5:30 p.m., parking in the gated lot south of the Lloyd-Ricks-Watson Building

--5:30 p.m., the southern entrance to C.Q. Sheely Circle (The MSU night shuttle route will adjust accordingly.)

--5:30 p.m., B.S. Hood Road between Barnes and Noble Bookstore and Davis Wade Stadium

Saturday [April 20]
--9 a.m., Stone Blvd., Barr Ave. and Creelman St.

Vehicle owners are asked to adhere to the above closures. Owners of vehicles not removed by these dates/times will be contacted and asked to relocate their vehicles. Within a reasonable time, vehicles not moved will be relocated to the back of the parking lot behind the Industrial Education (IED) Building.