'The Starkville I Knew' sponsored by MSU Libraries

April 16, 2013

This Thursday [April 18], at 7 p.m., MSU Libraries hosts “The Starkville I Knew,” in Mitchell Memorial Library's Grisham Room. Hosted by MSU Libraries, the event is one in a series developed under the leadership of Paige Lawes and sponsored by the Greater Starkville Development Partnership to discuss the history and evolution of Starkville and the surrounding areas.

Featured speaker Willie Harvey Johnson was born and raised in Needmore Community in Starkville. Johnson served as Chief of Starkville’s Fire Department in 1988 to 2000. He will talk about his experiences, childhood, life, and profession. Johnson will also share stories about tragic fires that occurred while he was in office, such as the 1989 fire that destroyed Sullivan’s Office Supply on Main Street. Johnson’s stories are not only real personal experiences, but they are chapters that help write Starkville’s history book. Please come enjoy this man’s amazing life story.

For more information, please contact Lauren-Colby Lindley by email at LCL103@msstate.edu