MSU to host Argonne National Laboratory Day

August 23, 2013

On Sept. 9-10, MSU will host officials from Argonne National Laboratory, one
of the world's leading research facilities. The visit is designed to 1) inform MSU researchers about Argonnes resources, facilities and proposal process; 2) develop and vet proposal ideas with Argonne personnel; and 3) identify new and facilitate existing research collaborations between Argonne and MSU.

General activities will kick off on the afternoon of Sept. 9, with Argonne
personnel giving presentations on ANL facilities, capabilities, research and
education opportunities. For the morning of Sept. 10, two breakout
sessions(Imaging & Analysis, and Computational Facilities) are scheduled for MSU researchers to present their ideas to Argonne personnel.

General information about ANL Day, as well as a link to the registration
page can be found here. All MSU faculty, staff and students are invited to participate.