MSU Game Day Severe Weather Safety Procedures

August 29, 2014

Mississippi State University Game Day
General Public Severe Weather Safety Procedures

If severe weather impacts the Mississippi State University campus during game day activities, the University will use some or all of the following methods to notify visitors on campus:
• The appropriate MSU sports venue public address system
• Media outlets
• Social media (Twitter and Facebook)
• Website: or

If you are instructed to seek shelter, you are encouraged to move immediately to buildings on MSU’s campus that have been designated as severe weather shelters. These include: Colvard Student Union, Newell Grissom, Perry Cafeteria, Barnes & Noble, Humphrey Coliseum, Bost Building B, McArthur, and Butler-Williams. (Some or all of the buildings may be opened depending on the specific situation.) When you arrive on campus, take a few minutes to identify the severe weather shelter nearest to your game day activities.

If severe weather occurs, please remember these key points:

• If you are not able to quickly reach a shelter building, seek cover on low ground with clumps of bushes.
• STAY AWAY from all outdoor metal objects like flag poles, fences and gates, high mast light poles, metal bleachers, golf carts, machinery, etc.
• AVOID trees, water, open fields and high ground.
• When you leave shelter, stay away from power lines and puddles of water with wires in them as they might still be carrying electricity.
• Watch your step to avoid broken glass, nails and other sharp objects.
• Stay out of any heavily damaged houses or buildings as they could collapse at any time.
• Do not use matches or lighters, in case of leaking natural gas pipes or fuel tanks nearby.
• Remain calm and alert, and listen for information and instructions from emergency crews or local officials.
• Plan ahead by checking local weather at least 24 hours prior to the game. Consider purchasing a portable weather radio so that you can receive timely storm information.
• Lightning is a danger regardless of how far away it seems to be.
• If you are caught outside during a lightning event, immediately remove objects that contain metal (including baseball caps), place your feet together, duck your head, and crouch down low in with hands on knees.
• Seek help immediately if someone close to you is struck by lightning. Call for assistance at 911.