Campus offered free tobacco cessation program

August 19, 2008

Are you a tobacco user? Are you ready to be a former user?

The Health Education and Wellness Department in conjunction with the ACT Treatment Center is offering a FREE tobacco cessation program to Mississippi State University faculty, staff and students.

The program utilizes a combination of tobacco cessation medications and quitline support or group sessions that meet once a week for six weeks. The physicians at the Longest Student Health Center can work with you to find the correct combination of treatment to help you become a former tobacco user.

The goal of the tobacco treatment program is to help people quit using tobacco and stay quit using a proven evidence-based approach.

All program classes, medications, and support are free of charge to MSU faculty, staff, and students.

To get started today, call for an appointment at 325-7539.

For additional information you may contact:

Roger Brooks, (662) 325-8455

JuLeigh Baker, (662) 325-2141