Vote online for MSU "Do Gooders"

October 7, 2010

By voting online, you can help both an MSU organization and an MSU professor win up to a $50,000 grant to help others from the Foundation for the Mid South.

MSU professor April Heiselt has been recognized by the organization as an individual who is making a positive impact in her community. Heiselt founded the MSU Service DAWGS organization to coordinate student volunteer efforts for charity organizations. Her selected charity is Starkville Habitat for Humanity. Your vote for April Heiselt could help Starkville Habitat win up to $50,000.

The MSU STEP Program in Canton is recognized with an organizational nomination. STEP was started 5 years ago with the intent of introducing high school students to the world of automotive manufacturing with an emphasis on the technology and engineering concepts that builds cars. Winning the online competition brings up to $50,000 to the organization to continue their work.

The online voting system was restarted on Wednesday due to a technical problem, so if you have participated before, please try again.

Please vote here for April Heiselt and the MSU STEP Program.