Templates for Official Web Pages

In order to present a consistent image on our web site and reinforce Mississippi State's brand, we have created templates which incorporate a standard header and footer. All Mississippi State units which use our main web server, Archive, are encouraged to use these templates. Units which use other web servers should contact the university webmanager for alternative arrangements.

At the bottom of this page are links to the templates in two versions: one for HTML pages and one for PHP pages.

Office of the President
The Executive Council
Alumni and Friends

Your content should be placed between the <div id="content"> and </div> tags. Please do not modify the templates, style sheet file, or the header and footer "include files" or copy them to a new location. This will allow many pages to be modified at once when the need arises in the future.

These templates will accommodate a wide variety of page designs in the area between the standard header and footer. Your page will expand to fit the width of the browser window, so the width of your design will not be limited by the template. In fact, you can put just about any design element in the template. Unless your content includes graphics wider than (about) 670 pixels, your page should print without clipping off the right edge.

Since the templates, themselves, incorporate all the elements required by university policy, once you add the page maintainer information file (See the notes in the template and page maintainer information file.), you will be in compliance with policy.

In order to minimize the possibility of e-mail addresses on your pages being harvested by spammers, we recommend that you use our "spamfoiler" facility. This will result in a form being displayed where the user can fill in his or her return address and a comment or question. The links in the standard footer to Customer Service and Page Maintainer use the Spamfoiler.

Color palette
The two colors used in the template are maroon (#660000) and khaki (#e2e2cf). You are encouraged to adopt a color palette for your page which works with those colors.

Overriding styles
The default color of the section between the header and footer is white. You may override that by embedding a stylesheet for the content div in the head section of your page. For instance:

#content {background-color: #e2e2cf;}

If your design requires a specific page width, you may specify that with, for instance:

#container {width: 670px;}


If you see no header or footer and no error messages, your page probably has its permissions set incorrectly. If it is an HTML page, it must be world executable. See the comment in the HTML template.

If you see error messages instead of the header and footer, your page cannot find the include files. Depending on where your files are stored on Archive, you may need to create a symbolic link for them. If so, telnet to your web directory and issue the command:
ln -s /data/WWW/data/web/ web

If the Page Maintainer link doesn't show up in the footer, your page is not finding the pm_info_html.txt or pm_info_php.txt file. Make sure you have put it in your root level directory and changed <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.msstate.edu/web/templates/pm_info_html.txt"> or "include("/data/WWW/data/web/templates/pm_info_php.txt");" to point to it.

If you are still having trouble, contact the university webmanager.

The Templates
Right click on the links and Save Target/Link As... for both template and page maintainer info file to your highest level directory. Get both sets if you have a mix of HTML and PHP pages. There is additional information in the comments within the files.

Template for HTML pages
Page maintainer info file (HTML)

Template for PHP pages
Page maintainer info file (PHP)