FAQs for
Exposure and Contact

List of actions to take for employees and supervisors for when you are exposed or have contact with someone who has COVID-19. 

Exposure and Contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19?

If you have been fully vaccinated and do not show any COVID symptoms after your exposure, there is no need for you to quarantine. If you are not fully vaccinated and have been exposed, contact the COVID Hotline at the Longest Student Health Center at 662-325-2055.

Can I get tested for COVID-19 on campus?

Yes, the Longest Student Health Center is conducting testing. You can call 662-325-2055 for additional information related to COVID-19 health procedures.  For more information regarding medical questions, please see the the page for Guidance for Exposure and Contact.

I returned from overseas travel. Do I need to get clearance to return to work?

No. Stay informed about travel restrictions and procedures. Visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/international-trave… for more information about International Travel During COVID-19.

Are face coverings required?

Due to increasing COVID-19 infections in Mississippi and in our community, everyone is expected to wear a face covering in all indoor locations on campus. This includes classrooms, laboratories, and all public spaces. This guidance is subject to change based upon additional public health information.

Students and employees are required to wear face coverings that provide good protection and cover the nose and mouth. Face shields are not permitted except in a limited number of circumstances; e.g. instructors or presenters who need to be understood clearly or students who must articulate foreign language enunciation. When a face shield is worn, strict physical distancing of at least six feet must be observed at all times.

Reusable masks and KN-95 masks are available for those who need a mask. Please visit the second floor of the YMCA building or submit a request in the General Service Material website: https://www.fm.msstate.edu/gsm/

I have University travel planned. Are there any restrictions on this?

University travel is permitted. Restrictions may still apply to international travel. Please contact Travel Services for additional information.

Can my department host camps or conferences?

Yes. Please contact Elizabeth Douglas, Assistant Director for Guest and Conference Services, at 662-325-2256 or edouglas@saffairs.msstate.edu for assistance.

What happens to a class if the instructor becomes ill with COVID-19?

This would be dealt with similar to any other instructor illness and would be treated specific to the situation following our normal administrative procedure with the department head and dean being responsible for finding an instructor who can teach while the instructor is absent.

If a course is face-to-face, is the instructor required to offer online accommodations if a student does not want to attend face-to-face?

Students can see the mode of instruction for each class as they register. Face-to-face classes will be offered face-to-face. If the student prefers to be in an online class, they should choose courses with the mode of instruction as online. Face-to-face classes will not be required to offer online accommodations.

Is there standard syllabus language that has been developed unique to this semester?

Visit https://www.instructionalguide.msstate.edu/resources/syllabus-statements for required and optional syllabus statements.

What happens when a student tests positive and is isolated or is quarantined as a close contact, from an academic standpoint?

As with other extenuating circumstances and medical absences, the instructor should work with the student to ensure that there is a plan for delivery of lectures, homework assignments and exams. The instructor should advise the student to contact the Longest Student Health Center COVID hotline at 662-325-2055 to report their positive test result if they have not already done so.

Do instructors need to provide an online test option for face-to-face classes?

Instructors should be prepared to accommodate students as they would normally if a student has to miss an exam for medical reasons or other extenuating circumstances.

If a student tests positive, does the whole class have to quarantine?

No.  The student should contact the Health Center’s COVID-19 Hotline (662-325-2055). The medical staff will determine who is considered a close contact and if anyone else should quarantine.

What precautions are being taken for air flow and filtration?

Facilities Management has assessed the HVAC systems in every campus building to optimize air flow and exchange.  In a number of buildings, additional UV light systems have been installed that kill viruses in the air.

Is information available on the number of positive cases on campus?

Yes.  The MSU COVID19 website is now reporting this information.  See https://www.msstate.edu/covid19/campus-testing

Can I require students in my class, program, or activity to provide proof they have been vaccinated?

No, you can cannot require students to provide proof of vaccination for university sponsored classes, programs, activities, etc.