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Normal approval processes are in place for essential domestic travel. Conference travel is discouraged and will not be approved without strong justification. Justification for conference travel might be service on a planning committee or presenting a paper. Keep in mind that travel for the duration of the pandemic comes with financial risks associated with unexpected, last minute cancellation or restrictions. Travel will not be allowed where shelter-in-place orders are in place. The traveler’s budget is responsible for any unexpected expenses.

In early August, the CDC and US Department of State lifted the global, ‘do not travel’ recommendation. Individual country guidance is now available at the CDC and the US Department of State. University-sponsored international travel will remain highly restricted. However, international travel may be permitted by your Vice President in situations where the individual is working on an externally funded international project and the travel is required to complete deliverables. It is suggested that the traveler submit the request directly to the International Institute for pre-approval prior to making any plans.

Prior to booking travel, as well as prior to actual travel, all employees are urged to review the information at the following site to determine applicable travel restrictions.

Passengers may not exceed 50% capacity in any in buses, vans, vehicles, etc. that are owned, leased, or rented by MSU. All occupants and the driver must wear a face covering, unless an individual is traveling alone.

Hotel room occupancy for any hotel room rented by MSU is limited to 2 people regardless of the hotel’s occupancy limits.

Equipment & Supplies  

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Campus Services has facilitated a single website for the procurement of COVID-19 related equipment and supplies. These requests are made through each Building Manager/Operator and all requests should be funneled to these assigned personnel. Departments are asked to refrain from procuring these materials on their own and should expect that if items are procured outside of the Campus Services process, they will not be reimbursed unless otherwise indicated. 

General Service Material

Tracking Expenses  

The Division of Finance and Administration will be responsible for tracking all expenses related to COVID-19. Potential reimbursement under FEMA or the CARES Act or any other stimulus program will be facilitated through the Division of Finance and Administration. A work group has been formed with representation across the university to ensure proper tracking of these expenditures.



Current CDC data suggests that a cloth face covering may protect the wearer and prevent the spread of the virus to others. Visit CDC's DIY Cloth Face Coverings to see CDC guidelines on the use of face coverings.

Ongoing Construction Projects

All university contractors involved with ongoing construction projects are responsible for the safety protocols associated with COVID-19.