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Employees in High Risk Categories

Employees at high risk due to COVID-19 should contact Human Resources Management to discuss possible accommodations. For a list of those individuals that the CDC considers at higher risk, please see the following website: CDC's People at Higher Risk

Other medical conditions may also be declared high risk by an employee’s physician.

Available Leave Categories  


COVID-19 Leave Flow available at:

Available Leave Categories

Employees may take accrued personal and/or medical leave following the usual university policies and procedures. 

Additionally, 2 new categories of leave are available for all employees to use before December 31, 2020. All employees will be entitled to 2 weeks of Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) to use for specified COVID-19 related reasons including personal illness, to care for those with specified conditions, or quarantine. Employees unable to work because the employee must care for a child whose school is closed or whose childcare provider is unavailable due to COVID-19 are entitled to use up to 10 weeks of Expanded Family Medical Leave (EFML). This gives employees a total of 12 available weeks of leave time that can be taken to care for children if their childcare provider is currently unavailable due to COVID-19. 

Detailed information about this leave is available at Please read this additional information thoroughly, as some categories of the COVID-19 related leave are only paid at 2/3 of an employee’s rate of pay. Employees will be allowed to supplement this 2/3 with accrued personal leave and/ or medical leave, depending on the leave type used. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that this leave is recorded and paid correctly. 

Employee Assistance  


Current CDC data suggests that a cloth face covering may protect the wearer and prevent the spread of the virus to others. Visit CDC's DIY Cloth Face Coverings to see CDC guidelines on the use of face coverings.

Employee Assistance Program

We recognize the difficulty the COVID-19 crisis may place on the mental and emotional well-being of faculty and staff. Employees can access the Employee Assistance Program [EAP] free of charge. All EAP services to employees are confidential and are not reported to colleagues, departments, supervisors, administration, or to the Department of Human Resources Management. 

To access EAP: 

  • Visit the web portal at
    • Enter username: msu (not case sensitive) 
    • Enter password: msu (not case sensitive) 
  • Telephone counseling: 1-866-219-1232 
  • Face-to-Face Sessions: For a referral and information about appointments, contact LifeSynch at 1-866- 219-1232, and counselors will connect you with expertise, guidance, and support for your issue with a local provider. Up to three face-to-face sessions may be scheduled using your EAP.