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Mississippi State University’s main goal is for a safe return to our campuses. We plan to continue residential living as well as in-person classes. To ensure an exceptional and safe experience for our students, faculty, staff and visitors, we have developed the Cowbell Well campaign to educate the MSU and Starkville community on strategies to prevent and respond to COVID-19.

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How can I make sure I don’t get COVID-19?

There are some basic steps you can take to greatly reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19. These include:

  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others
  • Wear a face covering as much as possible
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Stay in well-ventilated areas

Who do I contact if I don’t feel well or feel I may have been exposed?

If you are not feeling well or feel you may have been exposed to COVID-19, stay home and contact the Health Center at 662-325-2055. They can guide you through the next steps. 

If I have a friend who is COVID-positive, what do I do?

There are some simple steps you can take if a friend tests positive for COVID-19:

  • Continue to protect yourself by distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands.
  • Contact the Health Center at 662-325-2055 if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or feel you have been exposed.

If your friend is staying in quarantine or isolation:

  • Check in regularly, using video chat services. Do not visit in person.
  • Offer words of support and encouragement.
  • Help provide support like safely taking them groceries or prepared food.

I am concerned and don’t know what to do. Who can I talk to?

Mississippi State University understands this can be a stressful time. If you need to speak to someone about medical concerns, please call 662-325-2055.

Student Counseling Services is operating and accepting student appointments. If you would like to reach the Student Counseling Services go directly to Student Counseling Services where you will be greeted by one of our counselors online. If you reach out after 5 pm, Monday through Friday please call 662-325-2091.

You can also contact the Dean of Students at 662-325-3611.

What do the various delivery methods mean?

F – Face to Face
O – Online: No set meeting days/times
Q – Hyflex: Some portion of the course is face to face
Z – Synchronous: Online with set meeting days/times

How will Face to Face classes operate?

Density in classrooms is reduced to allow additional spacing between students. Face coverings are required in all buildings. Class transition times are twenty minutes to provide more transition time and reduce congestion in hallways.

My class is not in a traditional classroom. How does this work?

The university has converted numerous non-traditional spaces across campus into classroom spaces. ITS and the Registrar’s Office have provided technology to create an effective learning environment. 

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Beginning May 6, face coverings will be optional in some indoor locations including offices and public spaces such as hallways and restrooms. Face coverings will still be required inside classrooms, laboratories, and studios. Mississippi State will provide N95 masks any student who wishes to have one. Students can pick up a N95 mask at the YMCA Building, 2nd Floor. Other face covering types continue to be available as well.

What will happen if I forget to wear a face covering to class?

Classrooms will have a limited supply of disposable face masks. These should only be used if you forget your face covering. You will not be allowed to remain in the classroom without a face covering. If no disposable face masks are available, you will be required to leave the classroom.

What will happen if I refuse to wear a face covering?

You should speak with your advisor about taking your course online if you do not want to wear a face covering. Refusing to wear a face covering when inside classrooms, laboratories, or studios may result in referral to the Dean of Students.

My home does not have reliable internet. How can I take online classes?

Internet services is available throughout the MSU Campus and a limited number of internet hotspots are available for check out from the Mitchell Memorial Library. A number of businesses in Starkville also offer free internet access. A map of available free public Wi-Fi sites across the state of Mississippi is located the Library's Find Internet Access page.

If you are unable to find reliable internet, contact the Dean of Students Office at Funding may be available to assist you in purchasing internet access.

I do not have a computer. How can I take an online course?

The University’s Learning Management System, Canvas, is mobile-friendly and most features do not require a computer. The Mitchell Memorial Library has several laptop computers available to check out. You can visit Laptops for Checkout for information about checkout procedures.

I have never taken online courses before. What do I need to do?

Your Instructor will provide information about what online program will be used for your course. Classes will be using Canvas, the University’s Learning Management System. 

Watch instructions for getting started with Canvas.

You can also contact the ITS Service Desk at 662-325-0631 or

What if I get behind in my course work due to being sick?

The University has policies and procedures for helping in these situations. View the Class Attendance & Absence Policy. Contact your faculty by email or other channels if you are sick so they can assist you in planning. You can also contact the Dean of Students office at 662-325-3611.

Will all classes switch to online if the number of cases gets too high? How will we know?

The university is constantly monitoring the local situation and is in contact with health and state officials. If a need arises to convert to all-online, you will be notified by the university with as much advance notice as possible. You will then work with your individual instructors on how to complete each course. 

If classes switch to online, will they stay that way for the rest of the semester?

There are numerous factors that will need to be considered if the university switches to all-online. If the need arises to move to all online classes, the university will follow the best available medical, state, federal, and local  guidance to determine if the university can reopen for face to face instruction. 

Some of my courses have situations that make physical distancing difficult. Am I at risk?

Wearing a face covering is your best source of protection by limiting interactions where you are less than 6 feet apart to no more than 15 minutes when absolutely necessary.

What happens if I miss lectures?

Contact your faculty member to discuss how course materials and make up work will be made available.

What happens if my instructor is COVID-positive?

Each academic department has a plan for the ongoing instruction o classes regardless of why the faculty member may be unable to continue face to face instruction for a period of time.

Who can I contact with questions about Financial Aid?

The University’s Financial Aid Office is monitoring developments and will provide updates as conditions change. For more information, you can visit:

Student Financial Aid

Center for America’s Veterans

I depend on campus dining services for my meals. Will these services be available?

MSU Dining will be open. All venues provide enhanced grab-n-go options and in-venue dining is available at the Marketplace at Perry, Fresh Food Company, the Union Food Court, and Steak-n-Shake.

I do not have a meal plan and am having trouble finding food. Can someone help?

Bully’s Closet and Pantry remains operational. Students can access an online ordering form. Once completed and confirmed, you can pick up your supplies at Bully’s Closet and Pantry located at 120 Morgan Avenue.

If you do not live in Starkville, please contact the Dean of Students office at for additional assistance.

Will our campus organization be able to host events this semester? What will be different?

Yes, extensive guidance has been provided to all registered student organizations by the Center for Student Activities to ensure the safest possible conditions for student life activities.

Will our campus organization be able to travel to off-campus events this semester?

Maybe, there will be limitations. Please discuss your specific ideas with your organization's advisor(s) and the Center for Student Activities.

Travel in buses, vans, vehicles that are owned, leased, or rented by MSU [using university funds], cannot exceed 50% capacity. And all occupants and the driver must wear a face covering unless the person is traveling alone.

Hotel room occupancy is limited to 2 people, regardless of the allowed occupancy for the room.

What is the Everbridge App?

The Everbridge Mobile App is the university’s emergency notification tool. This provides the fastest and most reliable way to receive emergency notifications. Several new features have been added to the app to promote safety during this COVID-19 pandemic. The app includes a daily Wellness Check, which will instruct you if you should stay home. It also features a Symptom Checker that will provide guidance and, if necessary, notify the Health Center. 

Is it secure? Does it track me? Will it share my information?

Everbridge is a global company with a long track record of reliability and security. Mississippi State University has been using Everbridge since 2017 and has been pleased with their security and data protective measures. Everbridge is certified under the US SAFETY Act and FedRAMP for security and compliance. More information is available at:

How do I download and install it?

Visit for download instructions and screenshots.

How will I be notified?

The app will send you daily push notifications to remind you to complete your Wellness Check. If any COVID-19 concerns arise, the Health Center will contact you.

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems with the Everbridge App?

If you have any issues or problems with the app, you can contact the ITS Service Desk.