Campus Guidance for COVID-19

In case of identified (or suspected) case of COVID-19 in our campus community:

Isolate the student, faculty or staff and immediately contact University Health Services at 662-325-2055. We want to do the best we can to protect the identity of the person who is in isolation.

Student Instructions:

  • Students who live on campus will be immediately checked into the Butler Williams Guest House (BWGH). The Student will be allowed to drive to and park at the Butler Williams Guest House. The student may use nearby staff parking spots if all BWGH spots are taken. If the student does not have transportation, a van and driver will be provided to take them to the Guest House. A representative from the Health Center and Housing will greet them upon arrival and ensure they have everything they need. Students who live off-campus will discuss their living arrangements with the medical provider to determine the best scenario for isolation which may include BWGH.
  • MSU Dining will provide meals to quarantined individuals in BWGH keeping with Aramark standards for “Delivering Food to Quarantined Individuals”.
  • Upon isolation to BWGH, the student will provide a list of items they wish to retrieve from their residence. A staff member will enter the students’ residence and retrieve items and return them to the student in isolation. This staff member will be required to wear personal protective equipment.
  • The Longest Student Health Center will provide an RN, NP, or physician who will provide on-call response to the people in isolation. This on-call person will check-in with those isolated every 4 hours by phone from 7 am to 9 pm and once daily in person, using personal protective equipment. Overnight consultation will be available by phone with a healthcare provider.
  • If the roommate of a student waiting on test results has concerns about the cleanliness or safety of their shared room, Housing and Residence Life will find suitable accommodations in another wing or hall.


Faculty/Staff Member Instructions:

  • The person should immediately report a positive or suspected positive test to University Health Services at 662-325-2055.
    • Details should be provided to include:
      • Names of close contacts, names of any coworkers with close contacts
      • Symptoms and when you first noticed symptoms
      • Travel history
      • Any known or suspected exposures
      • Which buildings on campus were visited and for how long
      • Efforts should be made to get details about when the test was done and what guidance was provided by the healthcare provider or the Mississippi State Department of Health.
  • Their work area(s) should close immediately. No one should reenter the work area(s) until it has been properly sanitized by Campus Services. Environmental Health & Safety will determine when the work area may reopen. (This may depend on several factors)
  • University Health Services will attempt to reach close contacts of a Person Under Investigation (PUI) or person who has tested positive.
  • University Health Services will communicate to the Department Chair/Director who will be responsible for notifying employees in the department to not report to work.
  • Calls to that office may be forwarded to another location.
  • A notice should be placed on the door indicating that the office is closed or is operating in a “telework" capacity.
  • Building occupants may be notified by email or phone. The notice should NOT include the person’s name, but should include:
    • If the person is currently a Person Under Investigation (PUI) and awaiting results, or if the person has tested positive.
    • A statement that any close contacts would have been notified by University Health Services.
    • Assurance that the building has been sanitized by Campus Services according to CDC guidelines.
    • Instructions to watch for symptoms and contact University Health Services immediately if they become symptomatic.
  • Faculty & staff will be directed to self-isolate at home with instructions as to appropriate precautions.
    • Isolation will continue until test results are confirmed. Upon confirmation of case, isolation would continue for an additional 14 days. If case is not confirmed, the person can return to their work.
  • At the conclusion of the 14-day isolation the person will be retested, if there have been 2 consecutive negative tests, the person could return to in-person work if necessary.


Risk categories for exposures associated with travel or identified during contact investigations of laboratory-confirmed cases can be found at:

Summary of CDC recommendations for management of exposed persons by risk level and presence of symptoms can be found at:

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - 10:14 am