Terence Williams (Student)

Terence Williams

Junior electrical engineering major Terence Williams says his time as a college student has included some of the happiest and most successful moments in life thus far, with lots to look forward to in the future.

A native of Oakland in Yalobusha County, Williams has found passion and purpose since first enrolling at MSU. When he signed up for a First Year Experience class to learn programming for iPhone, Williams soaked up the information and hasn’t stopped making apps since. He said Rodney Pearson, a professor in management and information systems, is a great teacher. He also got involved with an application development program offered by Apple when the class ended. Now he is working for Trensek, a Jackson-based mobile game and app development company, and he has several apps available in the iTunes Apple Store.

Also during his freshman year, he met classmate Daesha Anderson, a psychology major from Puckett. After dating for three years, the couple married at the Chapel of Memories in 2014. They agreed their faith and a local church were top priorities. In starting life together as newly married college students, Williams said he gained confidence that they will face challenges, but the future possibilities are limitless.

Along with gaining app development skills and a spouse, Williams has benefitted from an entrepreneurial culture on campus. He now dreams of starting his own company one day, and he believes learning about both hardware and software will give him an advantage in the workforce as he nears graduation.

“I love creating apps. It’s what I do in my spare time,” Williams said.

“I just love creating something from the start and seeing it work on your phone when it’s finished. You can share it with the world, and it’s a great feeling.”