Looking for a condensed, accelerated pathway to earn a bachelor’s degree? Our Bachelor of Applied Science can help.

Whether you are a community college student considering your next step or a worker looking to move to the next rung on the career ladder, MSU’s newest degree prepares you with high-quality credentials that lead to good jobs requiring valuable technical skills. 

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Learn more about the BAS Degree

MSU’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree is intended to serve the needs of adults who have completed a technical associate’s degree program through a community college or the military and need additional education to advance their careers.

Credits in the degree program may be earned through online, in-person and hybrid courses, providing the flexibility that has become a hallmark of MSU’s nationally ranked online offerings.

Offering opportunities for current and prospective students, the BAS also welcomes those employed full-time, veterans, active duty military personnel or active duty family members, transfers from other institutions, those returning to college after time away, and students wishing to complete their upper-division coursework at a distance.

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Program Specifics

The BAS offers educational opportunities to adult learners from a variety of technical degree backgrounds.

The degree is designed to:

  1. Provide eligible adult learners – those who may have completed an applied associate’s or are currently in an applied associate’s degree program – a pathway to complete the applied baccalaureate degree using up to 45 hours of earned technical credits that may include approved military and experiential learning credits.
  2. To individualize the curriculum to complete the degree to meet the needs and career goals of the returning adult learner.
  3. To utilize up to three specific emphasis areas* to complete the degree program requirements and meet the individuals career objectives.
  4. To provide the adult learner with an opportunity to successfully complete a baccalaureate degree that will position them favorably for advancement in their career goals.

*Curricula approved by the home academic units

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Degree Requirements

To graduate with the Bachelor of Applied Studies degree, students must:

  • Complete at minimum 120 credit hours.
  • Complete the university’s general education core requirements (15 credit hours of general education core courses earned as part of the AAS). Students may exercise flexibility in determining the remaining general education core requirements for the applied science degree based on specific needs of adult learners in the workplace.
  • Earn 30 credit hours at the upper division level and at least 30 of the 120 credits hours through MSU.