Recycling on campus easier than ever

Mississippi State's campuswide recycling program is underway, and most of the university's facilities are now participating.

Extensive research and planning went into the design of the recycling program, along with valuable experience gained during a three-month trial held on campus last fall, according to assistant research professor and campus sustainability coordinator Jeremiah Dumas.

"We are excited that everyone on campus is now a part of our recycling effort," he said.

During the recycling trial, officials realized that an overwhelming majority of office waste is recyclable. Students, faculty and staff can now recycle all plastics, glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard and metal.

"It is our goal to capture as much of this material as possible in an efficient manner. Food and personal hygiene waste cannot be recycled, and on average, we produce very little of that within office settings," Dumas explained.

Because of these details and Mississippi State's goal to increase recycling activity campuswide, the university has designed a system that makes it easiest to recycle the overwhelming majority of waste.

How it works

Here are the details about how recycling on the Starkville campus works:

Your existing desk-side office container is now your personal recycling container. As mentioned, all plastics (including styrofoam), glass, aluminum, all paper, cardboard and metal are recyclable. Basically, the only material that is not recyclable is food waste and personal hygiene items, and these items should be disposed of in the closest waste container, which can be found in common areas (kitchens, break rooms, bathrooms, etc.)

Blue recycling containers are also being distributed in common areas so that you can have the opportunity to recycle in those areas as well.

So, please remember:

* Paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, metal, plastic --> desk-side and other recycling containers marked with stickers or recycling symbols.

* Food and personal hygiene waste --> in common area containers.

A poster detailing the specifics of the program is available for download at

If you have any questions about the recycling program, please contact Dumas at, the Facilities Management Service Desk at 662-325-2005, or your building representative.

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