Specific curriculum details must be verified with your academic advisor. Some curriculum requirements may change over the course of the program.

Cybersecurity Operations Management Engineering (maximum of 15 hours)

Emphasis Areas Curricula (10-12 h, 18-20 h and 30+ h curricula options offered in most emphasis areas) AAS Degree Alignment


Campus: Starkville, Gulf Coast, Online

Requirements for 30 hours emphasis area only

Prerequisites required:

  • MA 1713 Calculus I
  • CSE 1284 Intro to Programming (ISE 1724/IST 1714/IST 2374/CSC 1613/CSC 2134)
  • CSE 1384 Intermediate Programming (IST 1764/IST 2724/CSC 2623/CSC 2144)
  • CSE 2213 Methods & Tools for Software Development (IST 2954/IST 2314)
  • CSE 2813 Discrete Structures (CSC 2844)
  • CSE 2383 Data Structures (CSC 2833)

Cybersecurity emphasis area classes (available online, 30 hours)

Required (21 hours)

  • CSE 3713 Intro to Cyber Security (new course requested for fall)
  • CSE 3183 Systems Programming
  • CSE 3723 Computer Organization (new course requested for fall)
  • CSE 3763 Cyber Law and Ethics
  • CSE 4243 Info & Comp Security
  • CSE 4253 Secure Software Engineering
  • CSE 4173 Cryptography

Electives (must choose 9 hours)

  • CSE 4153 Data Communication
  • CSE 4383 Network Security
  • CSE 4273 Digital Forensics
  • CSE 4773 Intro to Cyber Ops
  • CSE 4363 Reverse Engineering

Business and Marketing Maintenance Technology, Banking and Finance Technology, Business Office Related Technology, Cyber Security Technology

Operations Management Engineering (OME)

Campus: Starkville, Gulf Coast, Online

Prerequisites required that would be part of the free electives:

  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Engineering Statistics (3rd semester)
  • Computer programming course (may have this from the AAS)

OME emphasis area classes (max of 15 hours but nearly all require the first 3 listed above)—strongly encourage the first 4.

  • IE 3913 Engineering Economy (after Calculus I)
  • IE 3123 Industrial Ergonomics (to be Occupational Ergonomics) with Engineering Statistics
  • IE 4934 Informational Systems
  • Either IE 4513 Engineering Management or IE 4533 Project Management (could take both if not looking for the BS)
  • IE 4773 Systems Simulation I (following Info Systems)
  • Other potential courses but would need to complete in the summer following Statistics
  • IE 4333 PC
  • IE 4653 Quality
  • IE 4753 Systems Engineering

Agricultural Business Management, Agricultural Mechanics Technology, Automotive and Control Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Construction Engineering Technology, Mechatronics