Standing Committees


Mississippi State faculty, staff, and students bring a wealth of talent and expertise to the university in a broad range of subjects. Collectively, the people of Mississippi State offer a valuable knowledge resource the university can draw on in making decisions on a wide array of issues and in planning for an increasingly complex future. The structure that allows this reservoir of human potential to be applied to specific problems is the university's system of standing committees and councils.

Committees deal with a wide range of issues. They give advice and counsel on computers, curricula, and facilities use. They provide an avenue for the entire university community to have a voice in the operation of the institution, and in setting its direction.

This website lists each of the standing committees and councils and their memberships. Committee assignments become effective August 1 of each year. Appointments typically are for terms of not more than three years, although successive appointments may be made. The year in which an individual's appointment to a particular committee expires is shown. Individuals whose university titles are given in lieu of an expiration date serve on that committee by virtue of their position or special expertise, and are appointed for indefinite terms.

Please provide suggestions through committee channels on how the functioning of committees at the university can be improved.

Please send updates or corrections to Jim Laird.


Instructional Improvement Committee
Committee reports to: Provost and Executive Vice President

Supports and promotes teaching excellence, selects Grisham Master Teacher award recipients. Provides communication among the college committees. Appointed by deans/directors for three-year terms. Can be re-appointed to another three-year term. Chair elected by committee for a one-year term. Reports to the Provost and Executive Vice President and the Faculty Senate.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Anderson, Rikk Bagley College of Engineering A 2020
Baker, Jason College of Education A 2019
Beriswill, Joanne Faculty at-Large Representative A 2020
Berryhill, Amy Information Technology Services A 2019
Brazzeal, Bradley Library A 2019
Carskadon, Tom Faculty Senate Chair A 2019
Giesen, James College of Arts & Sciences A 2021
Gude, Gnaneswar Faculty-at-large representative A 2020
Haupt, Jeffrey College of Architecture, Art & Design A 2020
Jagger, Carla College of Agriculture & Life Sciences A 2019
Loper, Randy Extension A 2021
Marett, Emily College of Business A 2019
Provine, Charles Student Association A 2019
Ridner, Judy Faculty Senate A 2019
Seymour, Michael Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Ex-Officio
Smith, Jack College of Veterinary Medicine A 2021
Sun, Changyou "Edwin" College of Forest Resources A 2020