Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott with Quinn Gregory
Photo by Russ Houston

MSU starting Bulldog quarterback Dak Prescott prepares for football season in a variety of ways, but one of the most important is by connecting with MSU fans.

One fan Prescott has had the chance to meet is Quinn Gregory, a Winston County child diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome. Prescott met Quinn at Fan Day along with other members of his family who faithfully attend MSU games each year.

Prescott made a strong connection with the Gregory family. He described how the simple act of wearing an armband printed with the message "Pray 4 Quinn," which was given to him by the family to raise awareness about Sanfilippo syndrome, is actually a blessing to him.

"It is a blessing from God that I'm making them happy just by wearing the bracelet and showing it during the season," Prescott said.

As fans like the Gregorys root for Prescott and the Bulldogs, he emphasizes that he is fortunate to have the opportunity to learn stories about the lives of MSU fans. "How blessed I am that I can help somebody and help that somebody's family just by wearing a bracelet," Prescott said.

A fall 2014 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in information systems, Prescott now is a graduate student in MSU’s College of Education working toward a master’s in workforce education leadership.