Trey Brunson (Student)

Building is a way of life for senior Stephen D. “Trey” Brunson. Likely, it always will be.

A double-major in building construction science and business administration, he already has accepted a job as a project engineer with an Indianapolis, Indiana-based renewable energy company–one that specializes in wind and solar farms, as well as power-plant retrofitting. He begins work in June, not long after May graduation.

“I enjoy solving large problems and being involved with seeing large projects to fruition,” the Collierville, Tennessee, resident said. “I would like to one day have a firm of my own where I can help the next generation with the aspects of renewable energy.”

As the son of two Mississippi State alumni, Brunson said he never wavered on whether to continue the family’s Bulldog tradition.

Though arriving in Starkville as an agriculture major, he changed late in his freshman year to building construction science in the College of Architecture, Art and Design. The decision to add a business administration major came during his junior year so he could “better understand the money side” of project management.

Outside of class, Brunson may work as much as 10 hours a week as BCS’s shop manager, essentially overseeing laboratory work by younger undergraduates in the program. He’s also a strong advocate for what he considers the “best up and coming major at MSU.” As a member of the College of Architecture, Art and Design Ambassadors, he helps introduce it to new enrollees while also communicating with parents of prospective students about the major’s career prospects and value.

“I fell in love with it, and I will always do what I can to advocate for the program,” Brunson said. “It’s a hands-on approach to building project management.

“Honestly, I don’t think I can see myself doing anything else.”

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