Lorie White (Staff)

Lorie White stands proudly in her office.

After having begun a higher education journey at Mississippi State two decades ago, the College of Education’s business manager now proudly possesses an interdisciplinary studies degree awarded by the university last month. 

Lorie White was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but chose to call Starkville home following her father’s relocation and retirement from Columbus Air Force Base.

She is a Starkville High School graduate, and the desire to complete a university degree long has been her goal, she says.

In 1994, White’s campus work career actually began in the COE dean’s office. Over that time, other opportunities came along and she moved to positions in the departments of counseling and educational psychology and entomology, as well as the MSU Alumni Association.

“There’s no way I ever would have graduated had it not been for the benefit from being an employee,” says White, whose return to the COE dean’s office is approaching its seventh year. 

Beyond achieving a personal education goal, White says her time on campus has brought other enjoyments. “The two things that I’ve always loved to do is work with students and help the university with special events,” explains the veteran employee who readily admits to “bleeding maroon and white.”

Since shortly after high school, White has been married to Bruce. They are the parents of three children, the youngest of which—Angela—is scheduled complete her MSU degree in May.

Asked how her educational achievement might influence others with similar desires, White replied, “Persevere and take advantage of the opportunities that you’re given; every employee has that opportunity to take classes while working.”

Those are not just pleasant words of inspiration. White already is planning which courses she will take when the time comes to enter graduate school.