Jermaine Jackson (Staff)

Jermaine Jackson, photographed standing against an office wall.

Every time one of his students receives a diploma, Jermaine Jackson feels so much pride for them, it’s as if he were experiencing graduation all over again.

For almost nine years, the Louisville native has been a coordinator in Student Support Services, a campus entity that includes Disability Support Services and the TRIO Program, which provides academic support for low income, first generation college students. Jackson and his colleagues seek to enhance student academic skills and increase retention and graduation rates.

Jackson earned a master’s in student affairs and is currently working on a doctoral degree in community college leadership.

He describes his job as a bridge for students—getting them where they need to go.

“It’s a joy to see these students, who were counted out before they even started, being given a chance to succeed, and then watching them do it,” Jackson said.

He explained that despite their past challenges, these students have made the best of their resources and are currently succeeding on a great path toward their futures.

“Being a part of a group of people with similar backgrounds as you is amazing. It gives you a purpose—it’s more than just going to class and coming home, it lets you be a part of something,” Jackson said.

He describes MSU as a melting pot, full of different people from different places, all in an accepting, comfortable environment that has much to offer.

“MSU is a student-driven place. We couldn’t do it without the students, but we are able to meet them where they are—and watch them grow accordingly.”