Carson Miller (Student)

Carson Miller, pictured with industrial technology machines.

For some, hands-on experience is considered a bonus when pursuing a college degree, but for Mississippi State senior Carson Miller it has made all the difference in his Mississippi State journey. 

A first-generation transfer student from West Point, Miller has spent the last year and a half in MSU’s Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development, housed in the university’s College of Education.

As he was searching for a program that would provide both technical and management skills, Miller was introduced to MSU’s industrial technology program by his older brother and found his fit.

Miller grew up working on his family’s farm, so the idea of industrial and mechanical work wasn’t a new concept, but one he felt would be great to expand upon.

After completing an internship with Nissan in Canton, Miller said his time in the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development has been the best for him.

“The networking the department has offered me has been invaluable,” said Miller.

Due to graduate in May, Miller has maintained a 4.0 GPA at MSU.

“I learn something new every single day with industrial technology,” Miller said.

Miller said he feels his academic major is great for “taking any job and making it better,” and that is what he looks forward to most as he prepares to enter the workforce.

Carson Miller (Photo by Megan Bean)