Ephraim Ringo (Student)

Ephraim Ringo, pictured leaning on a second-floor railing in Colvard Student Union

Ephraim Ringo said studying in Mississippi State’s College of Education wasn’t just the right choice for his future—it was his true calling.

“I really enjoyed my major. It was challenging, but I felt led to do this specifically,” said the new educational psychology graduate who earned his bachelor’s degree this month.

Ringo said he is thankful that his own father was deliberate in being there for his children, but having friends who didn’t always have a father-figure in their lives made him think about how he could support youth through counseling. He said he would like to become a mentor to those who may not otherwise have a positive role model.

For four summers, the Forest native has worked at a camp for youth in Pulaski where he has been able to “talk with them about important matters.” He said the experience of serving and supporting these individuals helped him realize he could continue that role in a junior or senior high school as a counselor.

“I want to be in a school setting,” said Ringo, who earned an associate’s degree from East Central Community College before transferring to MSU for his junior and senior years.

He said going to community college offered him some great advantages. At ECCC, he met a lot of close friends who also transferred to MSU and helped him form strong connections with fellow Bulldogs before arriving at the Starkville campus.

“I didn’t have to worry about finding my place because my place was already made,” Ringo said about his seamless transition to the university. “I met a lot of my really close friends at EC who are here now.”

At MSU, Ringo said he got involved with the Baptist Student Union. “I found my niche there, and I got the chance to serve on the leadership team, which was a very rewarding experience,” he said.

“It was a very high priority. I wanted to make sure my role was met and not only achieved but over-achieved,” he added.

With bachelor’s degree in hand, Ringo will spend this next semester as an intern working with youth at First Baptist Church in West Point and applying for graduate school. He plans to enroll in graduate studies in August.