Davis Bostrom

David Bostrom, pictured in a lab on campus
Photo by David Ammon

One trip to Mississippi State University was all it took to convince Davis Bostrom to become a Bulldog.

The Scottsboro, Alabama, native was a high school freshman when he first arrived on campus, and the first-generation Bulldog who dreamed of working with animals said he has loved his home away from home ever since.

“When I visited the school, I quickly decided this was where I wanted to attend college,” said Bostrom, a senior animal and dairy sciences major with a pre-veterinary concentration. “I knew this was the place for me. I fell in love with campus, and it felt like home.

“I chose the Mississippi State animal and dairy sciences major because I did not grow up on a farm and had no experience working with large animals,” he added. “Through labs and undergraduate research opportunities, this program gave me the hands-on experience I desired.”

In 2021, Bostrom began work as an undergraduate research scholar, which encompassed identifying microRNA biomarkers in bulls to determine fertility rates in the male calves. The research Bostrom assisted with aims to save cattle breeders time and money.  

“Mississippi State offered me great opportunities, and I made the most out of my college career to prepare myself to continue to learn about veterinary medicine,” said Bostrom, who graduates this spring. “The faculty made sure that I had as many opportunities as possible to succeed. I got the best possible education I could in this field, and I have been happy the whole way through this program.”