Researching unmanned aircraft system flights

In the foreground of an array of microphones stretched out in a field ajacent to Greenwood-LeFlore Airport, a Raspet engineer in the foreground adjusts the microphone angle.
Photo by Megan Bean

June 22, 2020

Todd Mabry of Hattiesburg, a Mississippi State master's student in aerospace engineering and graduate research assistant with Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, adjusts an array of best-in-class microphones recently at Greenwood-LeFlore Airport in preparation for acoustic measurements of an unmanned aircraft system flight. Sponsored by an executive office of the U.S. Special Operations Command, the research one day could enable Army UAS to fly cooler, quieter and with more efficiency than ever before. With a history of innovation in manned and unmanned flight, Raspet was recently named the Federal Aviation Administration's UAS Safety Research Facility.