Ready to Ride

With a helmeted driver seated in the Baja car, two fellow Society of Automotive Engineers students pull on the seatbelt from either side to ready for the first drive.
Photo by Megan Bean

April 6, 2021

Members of the Mississippi State University Baja Society of Automotive Engineers get ready for the maiden test drive of this year's vehicle on Monday [April 5]. In Baja SAE, engineering students are tasked with designing and building a single-seat, all-terrain sporting vehicle that is to be a prototype for a reliable, maintainable, ergonomic, and economic production vehicle that serves a recreational user market. Malone Harrison, a senior chemical engineering major from Starkville drove MSU's car, with Colin Young, left, a senior mechanical engineering major from Watkinsville, Georgia, and Titus Rogers, a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Starkville, making sure the safety belts on the car are secure.