Options for Accessing Your Work Files Remotely

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OneDrive is a secure cloud storage service that can replace your I: drive (personal MSU network drive).

Access OneDrive

By default, your personal OneDrive files are only visible to you.    

OneDrive Knowledge Base Articles

OneDrive Introduction Sync with windows Sync with Mac Restoring deleted files/folders in OneDrive Sharing OneDrive Files\Folders

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** Requires VPN Access **

Web Accessible Storage (WAS) is a service provided by Information Technology Services (ITS) to access your I: and J: (personal and departmental) network drives via the web.

Access WAS WAS Knowledge Base Article

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Duo Two-Factor Authentication
and How to Generate a Two-Factor Authentication Passcode

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security when logging in to MSU systems. The first factor required to login is something you know, i.e. your NetID/NetPassword. The second factor is something you have, typically your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, even if a hacker is able to get your NetID/NetPassword, he should not be able to login to your account because he does not have your second factor.

Enroll in Duo or Generate Passcode
What is Duo Two-Factor Auth? How To Generate a Passcode

Communication and Collaboration Tools

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaborative suite which provides real-time messaging, voice chat, video chat, and desktop sharing. To access Teams visit https://o365.msstate.edu.

Microsoft Teams Knowledge Base Articles

Microsoft Teams Introduction Teams via the Web

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Webex is MSU’s campus-wide solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. It can also be used as an audio conference bridge for employees needing to conduct phone meetings with two or more people. Webex supports recording of meetings and transcription services.  It is also tightly integrated with Canvas.   MSU has a campus-wide Webex license that includes unlimited use by MSU students, faculty and staff.

Access Webex 

Webex Knowldege Base Articles

Webex Introduction Installing Webex Desktop App (Windows) Adding the Webex Plugin to Microsoft Outlook Hosting a Telephone-only Audio Meeting in Webex

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Microsoft Office App Access 

The Microsoft office applications (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) you use daily are available via the web at https://o365.msstate.edu.

Microsoft Office Apps Knowledge Base Article

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Canvas is the Learning Management Platform (LMS) used by MSU. 

Canvas training workshops are available through ITS and the Center for Distance Education. Visit ITS Workshops or MSState Online Training to view available training. Additional Canvas assistance is avaialable at the ITS Service Desk. Canvas is accessed through the myState Classroom page or at canvas.msstate.edu

Access Canvas Canvas Knowledge Base Articles

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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to your office computer

 ** Requires VPN Access **

Remote access to ITS supported desktop computers is disabled by default.  Enabling remote access requires configuration changes to the office computer.   

If you require this service, please submit a request to the Service Desk by phone at 662.325.0631 or by email to servicedesk@msstate.edu

If your computer is not supported by ITS contact your local desktop support person. 

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MSU VPN Service 

Many MSU services such as Admin Banner, WAS File Server Access, and some of the Library software require a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection in order to access them.

Configure and use the VPN client

Installing/Connecting to the MSU VPN on Windows
Installing/Connecting to the MSU VPN on macOS
Installing/Connecting to the MSU VPN on iOS devices
MSU Software and Systems VPN Requirement

Other Services

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Office Phone (VoIP or Polycom)

To forward your VoIP desk phone to your cellphone; on the Home Screen, select the forward button (icon view), choose always, enter the number to forward to and select Enable. Alternatively, from the VoIP phone press *72, wait for prompt, then enter the number to forward to.  To deactivate, press *73.

Guide for MSU Desk Phones

To check your Voicemail when out of the office, dial your work telephone number, wait for your greeting to begin, press the “*” key and enter your passcode.  If you would prefer to have your voicemail messages delivered to your email, rather than storing them as recordings in your voicemail box, contact the ITS ServiceDesk to request this feature.

Voicemail Knowledge Base

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Office Phone (Legacy Phone System)

To forward you Legacy Phone to another local number, dial “#4”, wait for the special dial tone, enter number where calls should be forwarded (9+ the 7 digit phone number).

Administrative Custom Dialing Features

Check voicemail on your office phone by dialing 325-6245 and follow the voice prompts.

MSU VoiceMail for Office Telephone

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Software available for download on the ITS Service Desk web site.  

ITS-provided software

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Getting Help

Contact the ITS Service Desk for all of your IT questions or issues by phone at 662.325.0631 or by email to servicedesk@msstate.edu.