Campus Safety

Audio Transcription: Nationwide, college campuses are some of the safest places to be, and Mississippi State University is no exception. At MSU, we place a high priority on your safety at all times, and have plans in place to ensure that in the unlikely event of an emergency, danger is minimized to the campus community. You play a central role in keeping yourself and others safe. Campus safety is everyone's responsibility. Here are some steps you can take to help.

First, sign up for maroon alert. Maroon Alert sends text messages and emails with important information to your phone or computing device, and signing up is easy. Log into your account and click on the banner tab. Under personal information, select update your Maroon Alert information. Then, fill in the blanks with your text-enabled phone number and email address. Standard messaging rates may apply. In addition to emails and text messages, follow Maroon Alert on social media, the university's mobile app, and the website

Maroon Alert, the MSU mobile app, and the university website are the only sources of official emergency information. Do not share or promote other sources, as this can create confusion and spread inaccurate information. Second, know how to respond to each type of campus emergency. You can always refer to the emergency guidelines found in campus buildings for specific information. In a weather emergency, seek shelter immediately. Look for spaces without windows located toward the core of the building and on lower levels. Stay away from rooms or corridors that contain objects that could become flying debris or dangerous if broken.

In an emergency caused by the violent acts of an individual or group of people, remember to avoid, deny, defend. If you're able, avoid the incident by evacuating. Look for emergency exits and clear pathways to quickly remove yourself from harm's way. If you cannot avoid, then deny. Find a place where you can deny the individual access to your location. Look for objects that can obstruct entry or significantly hamper access. Turn off lights and close window blinds, remaining as quiet as possible. If it becomes necessary to defend yourself, work with others to create a strategic advantage. Use whatever means necessary to incapacitate a violent individual.

In all emergencies, listen to and follow closely the directions of staff, faculty, your residence hall personnel, campus police, and other law enforcement officials. Finally, if you see something, say something. Report all out-of-place or suspicious activity to campus police, the dean of students, or someone in authority. We're counting on you to be the eyes and ears of a safe learning and living environment. However unlikely the occurrence, campus emergencies can take place at any time. Knowing how to receive information and respond to an emergency is essential to your safety at Mississippi State University. If you have specific questions regarding what to do in an emergency situation, contact MSU police at 662-325-2121, or in case of an actual emergency, call 911. Together, we can make MSU a safer place to live, learn, and play.