New Dog in Town

Alumnus Web Exclusive - Summer 2015

Audio Transcription: 
Lisa Pritchard:    Hi, my name is Lisa Pritchard and I am the official MSU Mascot event coordinator. I take care of the MSU Mascot, Bully, for the university. He is, the current Bully that I have now is Bully 21, affectionately known as Jack. I have been taking care of the bullies since 1993 and starting in 2001 of [inaudible 00:00:28] the University Park purchased their first bully and he actually came to live with me in my home full time, and so I guess you could say since 2001, I have been taking care of the bullies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When I first get the puppies, usually six to eight weeks old, as far as training them to be the mascot and do the things that they have to do on a day in and day out basis, I start extreme basics, sitting, staying, those kinds of things.

He is completely food motivated so it's really easy to use treats to train him to do exactly what he wants to do. You can say the word treat and he's like all about, I want a treat and I'll do whatever you want to get a treat. As far as training the dogs to do the things that mascots would have to do as far as being in the noise, being in the crowds and traveling both in the car and on the plane and that kind of thing. Usually traveling in the car makes it easier for the plane because when he travels to work with me most days, so it's really easy as far as that goes.

Typical Game Day with Jack or Bully 21 probably in one word, chaos. Usually what we do is a couple of hours pregame. We're actually out riding around on the golf cart boosting with with fans in the junction and that kind of thing. And then we take a break, usually about 45 minutes prior to game time to kind of cool off and recollect ourselves. Me probably more so than him and get ready to run the football players out on the field. And then we're there for the entire ball game, cheering our Bulldogs on. Jack is totally a people dog. He loves everyone. Now champ did as well, but he was a little more standoffish. He didn't like to have his head scratched or anything like that. He basically wanted his back scratched and that was it. Jack on the other hand is all about getting his head loved on and things like that. Jack just loves everybody. He thinks that God put people on this earth to pet him period. Which is true.

I love meeting people, talking with people and that kind of thing. And it's just awesome because I get to meet so many people, go so many places and I love English bulldogs. I have, there's always been a special place in my heart even since I was young with English bulldogs. So this is an amazing opportunity for me and one that I will definitely cherish throughout my life.