College of Business - Celebrating 100 Years

Audio Transcription: For the past 100 years. We’ve been educating business leaders in the classroom, on the job, throughout our communities across the globe. Because we know that when great minds and bull dog pride come together success happens. Now, more than ever. We mean business. Through innovation Opportunity Community Discovery Leadership Integrity We mean innovation. The world is changing and we are changing right along with it. We mean opportunity. It’s a chance to prove ourselves and do something never done before. We mean community. Our success is built on diversity cooperation and collaboration. We mean discovery. The more knowledge we seek. The more lives we impact. We mean leadership. We welcome obstacles because we are built to meet any challenge. We mean integrity. The decisions we make define who we are. What started with a handful of students is now a network of 33,256 alumni from all 50 states and over 150 countries. Today, we educate and inspire today’s business students with unlimited opportunities around the world. Come celebrate what is yet to come over the next 100 years. Our graduates will be the leaders. The discoverers. The innovators. We are solving tomorrow’s challenges today. Because our degree is the ultimate link to a lifetime of opportunities.