Mississippi State Celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.

Audio Transcription: 

Dr. Mark Keenum: I also this morning have the distinct honor and privilege of introducing our keynote speaker this morning, the Reverend Neddie Winters. He's president of Mission Mississippi, which works throughout a wide range of events to help bring people together. Would y'all please join me in welcoming Reverend Winters.

Neddie Winters:    The thing about today is a celebration of the life, the labor, and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Can that just soak in for a few moments? The life, the labor, and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. I want you to celebrate with me.

I want you to do something significant. Somebody say, "Well, what's the difference, Neddie, between success and significant?" Success add value to me, significant is where I get beyond myself and add value to you. That's what Martin Luther King would be about, is that we would add value to one another.

I said [inaudible 00:01:18], an eight-year-old on a plantation, looking in the sky, with a pie in the sky dream, "You never know how the story's going to turn out." God bless you and God keep you.