As one of the nation's leading research university, MSU is driven to lead the way in innovative research, discover solutions to real-world problems, and ignite the futures of students from across the globe. We are ready for the future. We are the future. #WeRingTrue

Audio Transcription: 

Inspiration. Is it a completely random firing of neurons at just the right time under just the right circumstances? Can those circumstances be created? Controlled? Predicted? At Mississippi State University, our answer is a definitive yes. Here, the seed of inspiration is planted and carefully cultivated. And the fruit of that seed is innovation.

Since our founding, our teams have made their mark in nearly every field and school of thought. From Doctor Gus [Raspin 00:00:44], whose hobby of birdwatching inspired him to become one of the most influential contributors to the field of aeronautics, to Jim Flanagan, who pioneered advances in signal processing and psychoacoustics that lead to groundbreaking research on the artificial larynx.

We're driven to lead, to discover, to ignite the future. And as one of the nation's leading research universities, we see it as our responsibility to bring big ideas to the world.

Today, MSU is a powerhouse in agriculture, natural resources, engineering, mathematics, and natural and physical sciences. With overwhelming expertise in architecture, the fine arts, business, education, the humanities, the social and behavioral sciences, and veterinary medicine. From making Gulf Coast communities more storm resilient to spearheading economic opportunities in the Mississippi delta to designing Major League Baseball parks, MSU-trained architects are helping to build a better, brighter tomorrow.

For years, we've been leaders in the world of aerospace engineering. A decade's worth of research and development at MSU has led directly to a revolution in materials technology and the creation of the first all-composite business jet. Ascending from those achievements, MSU now serves as the national lead university for the FAA Center of Excellence of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, putting us on the cutting edge of this new era of research, development, and integration into the nation's airspace.

Back on the ground of our Bagley College of Engineering, teams are collaborating across disciplines to develop the car of the future. A lighter, greener, more cost-effective hybrid built on technologies that will lead to energy independence and environmental stewardship; two of the most pressing issues of our time.

Even now, our globally-diversified teams are working to eliminate starvation in developing countries, yet our duty to provide security and protection extends beyond even the environment. Whether it's pioneering medical solutions from pandemic flu research, training tomorrow's digital guardians, or looking to nature to understand better ways to protect the brain from car crashes and football concussions, MSU stands at the forefront of world-changing research and its practical applications.

What will inspire MSU to continue to change the world? The answer is the same as it's always been. A passion to improve things. And intrepid desire to make life better than it was before we arrived. Our diversity makes the university stronger, better, more inspired.

MSU knows that tomorrow's problems won't be solved by looking in one direction. Mississippi State is a place where inspiration is recognized, received, shared, celebrated. A place that exists at the intersection of imagination and opportunity. Our interdisciplinary approach, discovery, and education drives us. Our open collaboration enables us. Our big thinking defines us.

Imagine a world made better by a university driven to make a difference. Imagine a world where sustainable energy powers our daily commute and where our nation is safe from cyber attacks. Imagine a world where food shortages are replaced with food abundance and where the flu is something our children will read about in history books. Imagine a place where the germ of an idea can grow to become a real-world solution that changes the world.

Imagine a place where inspiration gives birth to innovation. We are at Mississippi State University, where we ring true.