Bio Crimes

Here is a little-known fact. Crime-scene corpses from one of the most dangerous cities in the nation are now the focus of one of our MSU research teams. Assistant professor Heather Jordan leads the study of bacteria collected from individuals who died violently in Detroit with particular attention on how microorganisms may help in identifying time of death.

Audio Transcription: You know the scene in those popular TV crime shows, when the investigators show up? The one where they scratch their heads while trying to figure out who committed the homicide and when? At Mississippi State University, we're solving mysteries behind real-life crime scenes with forensic research that's a first of its kind. Teaming with microbiologists from around the country, we're examining microscopic bacteria that could help solve read murders. So far, our partnership with a major metropolitan medical examiner is yielding results with more than 200 real life crime samples analyzed. We're learning how microbiomes change and relocate, uncovering evidence in criminal investigations by better pinpointing time of death. Way more exciting than being a TV detective. We're finding crucial answers when they're needed most. Solving mysteries with science? That's worth watching.