Carl Small Town Center

Some say that our small towns are drying up and folks are moving away. At Mississippi State's Carl Small Town Center, we're viewing things differently, boasting a 40-year history of creating innovative solutions that are strengthening Mississippi's communities.

Audio Transcription: The sense of place. we all have it often grown from deep roots and small-town communities. At Mississippi State University are Carl Small town center is strengthening these ties. With nearly 40 years of making a difference, we're revitalizing communities into welcoming places to work, live and congregate. By weaving together the best pieces of our past with modern technology and amenities, we're creating the hometown of the future. Places where lifetime memories can be made, where you have all the things you need along with all the things you want. Through partnerships with our communities, we're identifying improvement opportunities, recommending paths forward, and creating the plans for a better tomorrow.