CHARGE Research

Most people have never heard of CHARGE Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes complications for infants. At Mississippi State, we have one of the world’s leading researchers in assistant professor Kasee Stratton, who is making a difference in helping families while creating learning opportunities for our students.

Audio Transcription: A baby's arrival can be one of the most exciting times in a family's life. It can also be in one of the most anxious, especially if the child's development is hindered by medical challenges that create more questions than answers. At Mississippi State University, we're groundbreakers in the study of charge center, a genetic condition that leads to a host of life-threatening birth defects are research teams are uncovering breakthroughs and treatment and prevention with a goal of greater understanding that leads to better care. We're also providing crucial support resources for parents and helping physicians around the globe gain awareness so symptoms can be detected and addressed earlier. By engaging in this innovative analysis and therapy. We're not only improving outcomes, we're unlocking brighter futures.