MSU’s meteorology program is known for its balanced curriculum of atmospheric science and on-camera opportunities. That approach makes our graduates among the most sought after in the country, placing them in a unique league of their own.

Audio Transcription: We all depend on accurate weather forecasts to plan our day. That's why Mississippi State University is teaching students to forecast the future. Using real-world news sets as classrooms. Putting scientific discoveries and meteorology to the test. While honing on-air reporting skills, real-time. With local TV stations. And we do it so well, that at any given moment across the country, one in three weather forecasts are being delivered by MSU trained meteorologists, who are helping people make crucial decisions that impact their safety. Working to ensure business continuity and in many cases, saving lives. Predicting the future? That's what we're preparing for every single day so that you can prepare for your day.