Super Computer

As supercomputers go, Mississippi State has one of the fastest in the world. So fast that it’s capable of 593 trillion calculations per second. 

Audio Transcription: In today's information age, speed and technology drive innovation and economic advantage. At Mississippi State University, our Cray supercomputer is among the fastest academic systems in the world. How fast? Wrap your mind around 593 trillion calculations per second. What can we do with a system like this? What can't we do.

When NASA had safety concerns with John Glenn's shuttle mission, they turned to us. When the Navy needed a better submarine, we helped design it. We built a better, safer engine cradle for the Corvette, assisted Homeland Security with cyber strategies, and predicted severe weather patterns for NOAA.

We're changing the game for supercomputing while helping protect and shape tomorrow. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities.